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About Creative


1991 - 1995

February 1995

Creative's worldwide manufacturing plant in Singapore was awarded ISO 9002 certification for its quality management system by the Singapore Institute of Standards and Industrial Research (SISIR).

August 1995

Launched the world's first 3D game card, 3D Blaster®, a high performance add-in board to bring the excitement and visual realism of today's most advanced 3D arcade game into the home PC.

November 1995

Launched 3D Blaster® PCI, which provides powerful 3D rasterization capabilities that bring workstation-level 3D graphics performance to the Pentium-based PC at consumer pricing.

March 1994

Introduced Sound Blaster AWE32 which combined the powerful features of award-winning Sound Blaster 16 with the Advanced WavEffects™ wavetable synthesis capabilities of E-mu Systems' EMU8000 technology.

April 1994

Inauguration of Creative Labs (Ireland) Ltd as Creative's European Operations and Technical Center (EOTC) in Dublin, Ireland, which includes the manufacturing, operations and technical support services.

Vibra® Pro and Vibra 16 family of single-chip Sound Blaster audio solutions made available for the OEM marketplace.

June 1994

Debuted its shares on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Singapore on June 15, 1994 trading in Singapore dollar.

October 1994

The introduction of HansVision marked the achievement of creating a comprehensive Windows-based Chinese Document Processing Suite with 10 powerful software applications for office and home uses.

November 1994

Acquired Digicom Systems, Inc (now known as Broadxent), a Californian-based company that develops and markets a range of high end, high speed modem products based on the latest DSP and telephony technologies.

December 1994

Creative and JC Hyun Systems, Inc. announced a joint venture in Korea known as Creative Technology Korea Ltd, another subsidiary in Creative's fast-expanding worldwide network.

March 1993

Acquired E-mu Systems®, Inc, a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative audio products based on digital sampling technology for musical instruments and multimedia markets.

May 1993

Opened its US-based Technical Support Center in Stillwater, Oklahoma to offer expanded operational hours and more technical agents to provide technical support to end users.

Shipped Sound Blaster 16, which includes Creative's speech recognition application, Creative VoiceAssist™ that allows customisation of any Windows application with voice commands.

July 1993

Creative and Computamart Pty Ltd announced a joint venture to form a new Creative sales & marketing centre known as Creative Pacific Pty Ltd in Sydney, Australia.

Creative and I*O Data Device, Inc. set up a joint venture company, Creative Media K.K., located in Tokyo, Japan.

Acquired ShareVision® Technology Inc. which develops videoconferencing products that allow users to communicate using video, voice and graphics anywhere in the world over a single regular analog telephone line while simultaneously collaborating on Windows applications.

September 1993

Set up a new company, Creative Labs (UK) Ltd. as Creative's European headquarters.

April 1992

Launched Video Blaster® a high quality system for display editing and frame-capture of full-motion video, thus affording a new price point for bringing full-motion video to the PC.

June 1992

Premiered Sound Blaster 16 offering 16-bit stereo sampling at a competitive market price.

August 1992

Announced initial public offering on the US NASDAQ National Market under the symbol CREAF.

September 1992

Initiated sales and marketing operations in Beijing, China.

November 1992

Established its first Chinese Software Center in Singapore to provide better customer support and training services for Creative's Chinese software products.

May 1991

Sound Blaster® Pro, soon after its market debut, was adopted as the stereo sound industry standard for the Multimedia PC.

December 1991

Shipped its first Sound Blaster Multimedia Upgrade Kit that comprised Sound Blaster Pro audio card, CD-ROM drive and software to upgrade 386 and above PCs to Multimedia PC Level-1 standard.

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