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The multi-award-winning Super X-Fi® brings the magic of holography in audio, for headphones.


makes headphones sound as good as the real thing

Normal Headphone Audio is Claustrophobic

Regular headphones pump sound directly into our ears. This sounds unnatural, claustrophobic and acoustically wrong.

Super X-Fi Recreates the Soundstage of a Set of Speakers for Headphones

Super X-Fi technology uses computational audio to recreate the listening experience of a high-end multi-speaker system in a professional studio, and delivers the same expansive natural experience - with the same original depth, detail, realism, and spaciousness - in headphones.

Personalized Audio for Your Ears

Super X-Fi leverages complex algorithms and computationally intensive techniques to custom fit audio, for every individual, through a sophisticated Head and Ear-Mapping process. For the end-user, It’s as easy as taking pictures of the ears and head. The end result is personalized sound, just for you.


All audio piped through SXFI series of products is capable of delivering the ground-breaking technology personalized to your ears. This includes even streamed content from Spotify, YouTube, Netflix, and more!


When you are watching movies or videos, Super X-Fi is capable of transforming them into a full-fledged, cinematic audio experience. Hear sounds and accurate positional audio cues like they were coming from speakers all around you, including the subwoofer, even though you’re wearing headphones. It’s like bringing a cinema’s sound system everywhere you go!


When listening to music with Super X-Fi, you will feel as if you were in the same venue as the artist. Hear the same expanded soundstage like you were at the live concert. Even mono tracks will suddenly sound glorious.


Super X-Fi transforms all your headphone gaming content into a full-blown immersive cinematic audio experience. You will be transported into the thick of the action where you will hear explosions and gunfire all around you.

Voice Content

With Super X-Fi, spoken word content (such as phone calls, podcasts, and audio books) takes on a natural lifelike quality where you will feel as if the narrator was in front of you, instead of a voice trapped in your head. This allows your brain to absorb the message much easier without you suffering the effects of headphone fatigue.

For full compatibility with your mobile devices, we recommend the SXFI AIR and SXFI AIR C. There may be limited mic compatibility on some mobile devices when connected with SXFI AMP, view the full list here.



Bluetooth and USB Headphones with Built-In Super X-Fi Technology for Personalized Audio Holography


Super X-Fi® USB-C Gaming Headset with Bluetooth® 5.0 + CommanderMic


USB-C Gaming Headset with Super X-Fi Technology and CommanderMic


2.4 GHz Low-latency Wireless USB Headphones with Super X-Fi Audio Holography for Movies


Triple-driver USB-C In-ear Headphones with Super X-Fi Technology Built-in and Personalized to Your Ears


Dolby Atmos® Speaker System Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer and Super X-Fi® Spatial Holography


Super X-Fi Headphone Amp for Android Users


Hi-Res 7.1 External USB DAC and Amp Sound Card with Super X-Fi for PC and Mac


Hi-res 7.1 External USB DAC and Amp Sound Card with Super X-Fi® and SmartComms Kit for PC and Mac


Game Streaming USB DAC and Amp with Programmable Buttons and Super X-Fi


To bring this to a dongle that would just work with any headphones and be super affordable, that's really the HOLY GRAIL of headphone processing technology.

- Mark Henninger,

Creative's new Super X-Fi audio tech is FRIGGING MIND -BLOWING. The company known for Soundblaster finally has a new killer product, and you'll probably want one too.

- Aloysius Low,

The device also made straightforward stereo music tracks sound MAGICAL, as if you were in the room with the musicians playing live.

- Michael Brown,
TechHive Staff

Few things in technology are guaranteed to bring you actual joy, but Creative’s Super X-Fi just might qualify for that list.

- PC World

Our minds were simply blown away when we heard what Holography can do for audio. This isn’t virtual surround, that stuff is so last year. This is true spacial audio processing and it comes on that tiny little dongle!

- Eteknix

By processing your headphones’ signal in a way that makes your content sound like you were listening to an impossibly elegant home theater system, you can bring the theater experience with you wherever you go…

- Android Authority

The SXFI Air is one of the most compelling pairs of headphones at CES 2019.

- TechRadar

When we understood the concept of Super X-Fi, the results were nothing short of amazing. The headphones didn’t feel like headphones anymore. Creative definitely had many, many, many ‘wows’ coming from their suite at CES 2019.

- Overclock

This amp has dramatically changed how I enjoy music: it’s fun to listen to high school classics with the amp activated, making it difficult to return to listening without it.

- Sound Guys

I had a listen and was left amazed. Super X-Fi showed a lot of promise.

- Kenny Yeo, Associate Editor,
Hardware Zone

(Using Super X-Fi) I heard game clips and it was insanely effective. INSANE.

- Mark Henninger, Senior Editor,
AVS Forum

.. no one in the industry could solve this decade's-long problem. Creative's Super X-Fi could be the game changer.

- The Neo Dimension

Hands down, this was the best demo of CES—and it's the product I'm most looking forward to reviewing this year.

- PCWorld

Creative has the demo to beat at this year's CES. The company is showing an early prototype of a product it calls Super X-Fi Headphone Audio. And it blew my mind.

- TechHive

What the F***?!! . . . It was really something else I think, all of us, there was a collective gasp when the technology was demonstrated to us . . . its feels like big leap forward

- Wong Renhao
(Content Producer, Tech In Asia)

Creative ... looks to have finally cracked the issue of fitting full sized speakers into a pair of portable cans... I heard it through the earphones in exactly the same way I heard it via the speakers, and it was nothing short of AMAZING.

- Sherwin Loh,

It was an amazing experience totally! I've been in the business for 40 years, and that's some of the best sound I've heard. And for the price point you're going to sell it for, IT'S OBSCENE.

- John R. Ross
(CES 2018 Audio Industry Veteran)

I just finished the best demo of the show. It's not a curved TV, it's not 8K, it is, wait for it, Creative Lab's new Super X-Fi technology...And it just floors you ... it's gonna be a steal at US$150.

- Gordon Ung, Executive Editor,

Well the fact that it's going to be everyone's hands, you know, a product that everyone can afford, and it's something that is literally going to change the way people listen to things by that one little dongle.

- Vernon A
(Radio DJ, Class 95)

For a while there, I actually thought that the speakers were on, and that there was nothing coming through both cans, until I took them off to hear nothing emanating from the speakers.

- GeekCulture

This Holographic-Sound Headphone Dongle BLEW MY MIND. This mind-blowing audio technology uses acoustic mapping and holographic sound to create a headphone experience that's nearly indistinguishable from what you'd get out of a dedicated set of surround speakers.

- Michael Andronico,
Tom's Guide

You can take the headphones off, listening to again; a three— or four—thousand Dolby Atmos system, and put the headphones on, and it will sound just as good. In fact for my ears, I gotta say, it sounded better.

- Gordon Ung, Executive Editor,

I listened to the demo and it was MIND-BLOWING! The surround sound I heard from the headphone was amazing and I even took the headphones off just to confirm that I wasn't hearing the sound from the physical surround speakers. Judging from the guests' reactions, they were equally or almost as impressed as I am.

- The Neo Dimension

If you're curious about what ‘audio holography' is, Creative Labs has the goods with its Super X-Fi technology. I gave it a good listen at CES 2018, and it sounded glorious! After hearing the results, I was simply blown away. Even with all the audio products I've tested over the years, my ears were never subjected to anything quite like this.

- Ted Kritsonis,
Mobile Syrup

During the audition, the Super X-Fi system created a realistic sense of space as I listened to a soundtrack. It took the audio that would have been usually stuck between my ears and projected “outside” the confines of my head. I was able to pinpoint the sound sources in a room as well as gauge the distance between them.

- Wilson Wong,

I know, it's unbelievable that the little ‘dongle' above can give you sound as good as a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround System (Dolby Atmos 5.1.2) but it absolutely does!

- Rylind Corolis,

As an audio engineer I readily claim that most ‘virtual' surround sound applications are junk - until now. Creative Lab's Super X-Fi blew me away.

- Adam Patrick Murray,
PC World Staff

What impresses me the most is how Super X-Fi managed to turn a standard 2.0 music track into a realistic live surround effect. It is done so well that it's as if the artist is singing RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.

- Warren,

I was absolutely blown away by a demo of the final, shipping product at CES 2019. It 100% matched the positioning and perceived distance of the real 7-channel surround system in the room. Absolutely could not tell it was headphones and HAD to take them off to be totally sure.

- AVS Forum

Smaller than a pack of chewing gum, the SXFI AMP is unique in simulating the sound of speakers, and the surround effect is far more convincing than any 7.1 headphone in the market.

- AVMania

Creative gave voice to the personal computer when it introduced the first SoundBlaster sound card all those years ago. And now it makes a similar revolution by allowing headphones to faithfully reproduce the "holographic" sound.

- Aktualne

Sure, plenty of headphones reviews will go on and on about a wide soundstage, but they'll stop that their tongues wagging and start their jaws dropping once they've heard Super X-Fi.

- Tech Buyer’s Guru

This is by far one of our favorite smiles to have ever crossed our face when it comes to audio.

- POC Network

It’s like nothing I’ve ever heard before. Without Super X-Fi, music sounds flat. With the dongle, it actually sounds like you’re at the studio or a concert. This is the best thing I saw or heard all week at CES.


Super X-Fi headphone amp pretty much made headphones come to life.

- TechYesCity

of Reviews

and it was NOTHING


it sounded GLORIOUS!

– MobileSyrup

the results were nothing short of
amazing... Creative definitely had
many, many, many ‘wows’

– Overclock

Creative’s Super X-Fi could

– The Neo Dimension

Made Possible by Super X-Fi UltraDSP Chip

As the world’s first, the SXFI chip is specially engineered to power the Super X-Fi technology, and is integrated into our entire range of SXFI products — allowing users to enjoy the award-winning audio holography conveniently in different form factors, and across devices and platforms.

+ Find out more about the Super X-fi UltraDSP Chip

How It Works

Natural sound travels to our ears through a convoluted path as it bounces off all the surfaces in the room and your head, before reaching your ears. Super X-Fi recreates this path that is unique to each individual using complex algorithms and computationally intensive techniques to give you natural sound from headphones.

For the end users, it is as easy as taking photos of your face and ears with your phone. An AI engine then personalizes the sound just for you.

+ Find out more about the personalization

Super X-Fi Certified Headphones

Super X-Fi processing with certified headphones accounts and compensates for changes in audio output caused by the headphones to ensure audio reaches your ears as intended.

Any headphones that features our Super X-Fi Certified badge has been optimized for the use with Super X-Fi.

+ Find out more about the Super X-Fi certification

Creative's new Super X-Fi audio
tech is Frigging mind-blowing!


The first incarnation of this is a custom UltraDSP chip specially developed for Super X-Fi.

This SXFI chip is specially designed for Super X-Fi processing, and packs 5x the computing power of Creative’s most powerful Sound Blaster chip – while consuming less than half the power.

This SoC is a highly integrated chip, includes a large cache of fast memory to decode and process up to 8 channels of high-resolution 24-bit 96KHz audio simultaneously. It even has audiophile quality DACs built-in.

The SXFI chip can reside in headphones, headphone amps, and any suitable hardware devices such as dongles, set-top boxes, and TVs. Super X-Fi can also exist as a software technology in an app, a streaming platform, and even more excitingly in an OS.

We aim to work with all audio brands and manufacturers to bring Super X-Fi to the whole world.


Super X-Fi captures the listening experience of a high-end multi-speaker system in a professional studio, and recreates the same expansive experience in your headphones using computational audio intensive techniques to custom fit audio, for every individual, through a sophisticated Head and Ear-Mapping process.

Hundreds of anthropometric parameters are extracted from the features of the head in high precision using real-time image detection and analysis. An artificial intelligence (AI) engine then uses these parameters along with the dynamics of the targeted headphones, and synthesizes them with a multidimensional map of the desired room acoustics.

Using the synthesized map, Super X-Fi recreates the natural expansive audio soundstage, for headphones, to give a magical listening experience custom made to each individual’s unique physique.


Although you may use any headphone, we recommend that you use headphones that have been certified for use with Super X-Fi for the best possible experience. Super X-Fi processing with certified headphones accounts and compensates for changes in audio output caused by the headphones to ensure audio reaches your ears as intended.

Super X-Fi Downloads

Get started with Super X-Fi audio holography with the required apps and software!


Super X-Fi Help and Support

Need assistance? Check out our help and support page for detailed setup instructions or browse through our dedicated FAQs.



Keen to become one of our corporate partners? Find out more about the partnership opportunities and collaborative works that we have for Super X-Fi.



CEO, Sim Wong Hoo on Super X-Fi Spatial Holography

“Super X-Fi has been a dream of mine since the 1990s, and has taken over twenty years of engineering sweat, tears and grit to realize this feat. And now to see how many have been blown away by its magical performance is something truly fulfilling for me on a personal level. I’ve never been so excited before in my whole life.”


Chief Architect, Lee Teck Chee on the Super X-Fi Invention

“Super X-Fi is a new renaissance in headphone audio; a technology where the science of sound brings the human listening experience with headphones to a whole enlightened level of realism, so amazing, it’ll be akin to magic.”


Bloomberg Business – A Steve Jobs Rival Who Hit Hard Times Makes Remarkable Comeback

Read Bloomberg’s full article here

Finance Minister of Singapore, Mr Heng Swee Keat on Mr Sim, and Super X-Fi Technology

Watch the full video here

The Sunday Times – Lunch with Sumiko
Creative Technology’s Sim Wong Hoo is back, with Super X-Fi getting rave reviews

Read the full article here



On its maiden outing at the world’s largest consumer electronics show in Las Vegas in 2018, Creative’s all-new Super X-Fi technology won the prestigious AVS Forum Best of CES 2018 Award.

“Super X-Fi has been a dream of mine since the 1990s, and has taken over twenty years of engineering sweat, tears and grit to realize this feat. And now to see how many have been blown away by its magical performance is something truly fulfilling for me on a personal level. I’ve never been so excited before in my whole life. As the creator of the Sound Blaster, which has sold over 400 million units worldwide, the excitement that I felt then doesn’t even come close to what I feel now with Super X-Fi. What we are seeing here is life-changing.

We are on the verge of a universal game-changer in the way people experience audio in their headphones, where the audio experience is so expansive, immersive, and life-like, that it’ll be the new norm of headphone-listening. Once you experience Super X-Fi, you won’t want to go back to the old headphone experience. It’s like after watching color on TV, you won’t want to go back to black-and-white!

This is the ‘Holy Grail’ of headphone audio which the whole industry has been searching for. I believe this is what every headphone should sound like. This paradigm shift will elevate mankind’s appreciation of audio through this gift we call Super X-Fi.”

Sim Wong Hoo
Creator of Super X-Fi and Sound Blaster,
CEO of Creative Technology

“Humanity reached the peak in its appreciation for music with the creation of professional orchestras playing live in large sophisticated musical halls. This produces music of the purest fidelity - the holy grail of audio. People had to resort to using multiple speakers to try to recreate this same natural sound. When they tried to do the same for headphones, all they got was sound that was unnaturally constricted and congested.

Super X-Fi is a new renaissance in headphone audio; a technology where the science of sound brings the human listening experience with headphones to a whole enlightened level of realism, so amazing, it’ll be akin to magic. Super X-Fi is like capturing lightning in a bottle. We have found the holy grail of headphone audio, making headphones sound as good as the real thing!”

Lee Teck Chee
Chief Architect and Inventor of Super X-Fi


Super X-Fi Spatial Holography has received widespread recognition from international audio and tech media. This is best epitomized by the 23 'best-of-show' awards received at the world-renowned Consumer Electronics Show in 2019 and 2020.

Mark Henninger (Senior Editor, AVS Forum -- the world's largest AVenthusiast forum site) was so impressed with Super X-Fi that he awarded it Best of CES 2018 and 2019.

He spoke with CEO of Creative Technology, Sim Wong Hoo, and shared that he was blown away by the Super X-Fi demo, and that it was the ‘Holy Grail’ of headphone audio. The demo involved listening to a high-end 5.1.2 multi-speaker system in a room, then when Super X-Fi-enabled headphones were put on, listeners experienced the exact same audio soundstage as they had heard a few moments before, this time just from two plain headphone drivers.

Innovation Award Winner at HWM+HardwareZone.com Tech Awards 2019

“Creative has managed to do something incredible by personalizing the way headphones play sound to perfectly match the individual make-up of our ears. By doing so, they're able to use your personal head-related transfer function to give you a cinematic audio experience that's independent of source.”