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Upon touch down, your first instinct is to scout for an advantageous battlefield ground.|Almost immediately, the silence is broken by bouts of gunfire happening at a distance, far right of you.|Your senses are heightened, eager to catch any hint of movement or footsteps in your immediate vicinity.|Treading purposefully and carefully, you decide to move towards a seemingly empty house. As you push open the creaking door, a split-second glance of a silhouette appears—and disappears in the corner of your eye. Instantly, you hear the sound of a grenade pin being released on your right.

On the battlefield where only one can remain as the last man standing, wits can only get you so far. For any first-person shooter game, audio is everything. There’s only so much that your 4K screen can show. Everything else is all sound—directional cues, positional audio—the slightest acoustic detail with impeccable accuracy that pinpoints your enemies’ location and distance.

Our Super X-Fi technology is all of that, and more. The newest Super X-Fi gaming audio profile, the BATTLE Mode, brings an unprecedented level of audio clarity and depth, such that there’s really no reason for you to hide from your enemies anymore. Super X-Fi technology processes your game audio with our customized algorithms and computational techniques to further enhance and optimize the audio details, so that it is personalized just for your ears.

The best part—you can be totally discreet with Super X-Fi even while your game is on full blast—like a powerful surround speaker setup—it’s all in your headphones. And, your neighbors will not hear a thing.

Battle Royale First-person Shooter Game

Hear the direction AND the distance

In an epic battle for survival where there can only be one, where do you stand? The map is shrinking, the equipment is randomly scattered, and you’re using your eyes and ears in this FPS game to hunt for gears and glory. Visually, is what you see really all there is? Chances are, it's way too late to react only when your enemy appear on-screen. Your winning edge lies in SXFI BATTLE Mode, where hyper-realistic audio is combined with precise audio cue positioning, and a real sense of distance with immaculate accuracy.

With SXFI BATTLE Mode, you will be able to hear not just the direction, but also how far your foes are, with stunning precision. This clear advantage gives you the edge over your mass market 7.1 virtual surround headphones, and delivers accurate directional audio prompts with a new level of clarity and depth to give you the support that you need, and emerge as the last man standing.

Open World Adventure

Realistic gaming audio experience as if it’s real life

Escape to another reality in an open world game as you explore every nook and cranny of the game’s world. Armed with your wits and the entire world at your feet, anything is possible. Stunning visuals, when complemented with realistic and immersive audio enhancements, have the ability to encapsulate you in the open world adventure with acoustic details so real, that you forget real life exists.

Our SXFI BATTLE Mode’s surround sound further enhances the experience with its hyper-realistic audio details and an accurate sense of space. Super X-Fi’s gaming audio, with its unique spatialized effect, pushes the limits of surround audio to deliver an extremely realistic and natural sense of space and distance, as if it’s happening in real life, you’ll be convinced that you’re there.

Immersive Action MMORPG

Stay truly immersed and focused in all your missions and quests

Whether you’re battling the final boss, discovering new dungeons, or acquiring a legendary ancient weapon, surround sound greatly enhances the overall gaming experience. It immerses you in the gameplay while you chase the insufferable miscreant goblin for its precious loots, and keeps you focused on your mission.

Pushing beyond the boundaries of surround sound, our Super X-Fi technology utilizes an audio personalization technique that creates a unique sound profile for you to deliver audio that is optimized to how you, as a unique individual, hears. With Super X-Fi, experience enhanced audio details and cues with a spatialized effect that is natural and realistic, and stay immersed in any action-packed game for long hours without fatigue.

There’s always a higher mountain to conquer.

We are constantly researching and developing our technology to bring you the next level in audio entertainment.

This is our promise to you, and that’s why we are very excited to announce the 2nd generation of Super X-Fi.

With Gen2, you can expect to hear more details and precise positional audio cues in your surround sound configuration without sacrificing on ambient effects and immersive in-game background music. Be the last man standing or escape to another reality as Super X-Fi Gen2 envelops you into the realistic and immersive gamespace!

What are people saying about SXFI BATTLE Mode
This thing almost feels like cheating. Battle Mode is tuned specifically for first-person shooters...You'll regularly hear your enemies earlier than you otherwise would, which essentially gives you a competitive edge.
When Battle Mode is enabled, it is almost like applying contrast to an image, so the highs are amplified, your directional awareness becomes so much more apparent.
With SXFI BATTLE Mode, offense is your new defense.
Offering the best audio projection and directionality that you can ever get in headphones, SXFI BATTLE Mode lets you hear each and every audio cue—whether it's light footsteps or the faintest sound of a gun reloading—you'll not hear just where they are, but how far they are. There's no need to hide.

And there's no need to limit yourself! Have it your way: whether it's a pair of headphones or a gaming DAC, we have a Super X-Fi that's battle-ready for you.
USB-C Gaming Headset
The OG Super X-Fi gaming headset, equipped with deadly combo of SXFI BATTLE Mode and pro-grade CommanderMic with inPerson Mic Technology, lets you hear exactly where the enemies are, so you can conquer and command clearly and confidently.
USB-C Gaming Headset with Bluetooth® 4.2
With all the features of SXFI GAMER, and more! Why make the tough decision between wired or wireless connectivity when you can have both? For intense gameplay, go pro with USB-C wired gaming on your PC, or lay back and enjoy a casual game or two via Bluetooth on your mobile.
Game Streaming USB DAC and Amp
The best gameplay involves intuitive controls. Access the Sound Blaster GC7's plethora of programmable controls built directly on the device, and make split-second decisions on-the-fly. Pair it up with your favorite gaming headset and emerge victorious!
USB DAC and Amp with Multi-connectivity Options
Featuring 7 input and output connections with 3 surround sound technologies, Sound Blaster X4 is extremely versatile when it comes to connectivity. With two communication tools at your disposal–SmartComms Kit and CrystalVoice—command, conquer, and lead your team to victory.