ZiiO 7″

7″ Android Tablet

Slim, light 7-inch Android-based Creative ZiiO touch tablet delivers wireless music, movie and gaming entertainment.


The tablet you will want to bring with you everywhere

The new Creative ZiiO 7" entertainment tablet is the next evolution in wireless digital entertainment and mobile computing. Extremely compact, portable and lightweight, you don't have to think twice about taking it along wherever you go - the cafe, on the train or simply lounging on your sofa.

Unlike conventional tablets that offer mediocre sound, the ZiiO 7" Android tablet does not compromise on audio quality. A touch of an onscreen button instantly launches an application offering audio-enhancing options including X-Fi, aptX™ and Bluetooth® connectivity. With this unique application, you'll enjoy the highest quality wireless audio streamed from an Android tablet to compatible Bluetooth speakers or headphones.

What's more, the ZiiO 7" synchronizes the whole wireless entertainment ecosystem, delivering high-quality audio to not just your music, but movies, games and Internet content too.

The ZiiO 7” also lets you do what other Android tablets do - connect to the Internet, send emails and even shop for apps, games and eBooks from the Creative ZiiStore. Available in 8GB and 16GB versions, it's a portable entertainment tablet that lets you store, manage and stream all audio content from one device, while staying free from wires.

A seamless wireless entertainment ecosystem

A seamless wireless entertainment ecosystem

The ZiiO 7" Android tablet synchronizes easily with other audio products such as Creative's wireless speakers like ZiiSound D5 and the wireless Creative WP-300 headphones to form a seamless wireless entertainment ecosystem. Serving as a hub for your entertainment, you can store, manage and stream audio content effortlessly.
X-Fi Technology

X-Fi Crystalizer for crystal-clear music

X-Fi Crystalizer intelligently restores lost detail and enhances your digital audio content to amazingly high levels of clarity.
X-Fi Expand for movies and games

X-Fi Expand amplifies sound in movies and games

X-Fi Expand intelligently expands your movie and game soundtracks into an immersive audio experience with breathtakingly realistic depth of field. Pinpoint enemies faster from the sound of his footsteps, and even with earphones on, you'll feel as if the sound is coming from quality speakers.

High-performance aptX audio codec

High-performance aptX* audio codec with low latency ensures superior Bluetooth wireless stereo.

*aptX is a trademark of CSR plc
<em>Bluetooth</em> 2.1 Wireless

No cords, no hassle, just pristine Bluetooth music

Stream high-fidelity stereo audio wirelessly from the ZiiO 7” via Bluetooth and aptX technology. Works with stereo Bluetooth-compatible speakers including the Creative ZiiSound D5 and ZiiSound T6, and the wireless Creative WP-300 headphones.
Video-out in HD quality

HD viewing enjoyment, upsized on your TV

Enjoy your movies in outstanding HD quality and immense viewing comfort - simply by hooking up the ZiiO 7” to a large-screen HDTV with an HDMI cable1.
Wireless LAN

Surf the Internet with Wireless LAN support

Thanks to built-in IEEE 802.11 b/g support, all the wireless hotspots2 in town are yours. Surf the Internet and check your emails anywhere you go.
Built-in microSD card slot

More content, endless enjoyment

Enjoy the flexibility of accessing more music and movies directly from your microSD card. The more microSD cards you have, the merrier your entertainment will be! View supported SD/SDHC cards here.
Customize your home screen

Customize your home screen

An innovative six-panel home screen navigation feature differentiates our tablet from the rest. With this feature, you can further customize your home screen and add your icons, apps or shortcuts anywhere.

1 Not supplied by Creative.

2 Wireless LAN connection required for wireless access. Fees may apply depending on your local service provider.

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  • Artiss

    I use it at work and will often use it at home for ad-hoc surfing... And when it comes to media capabilities, it’s a huge amount of fun, especially when paired with Bluetooth headphones (leave the tablet on a desk and wander around listening to some excellent quality music).

    ZiiO 7″


  • Investor's Business Daily

    The stylish white tablet we tested has a very clear 7-inch screen, and has its own Creative App Zone where mom can download loads of apps for her ZiiO.

    ZiiO 7″


  • Tbreak

    Where the ZiiO shines is in the audio department- thanks to the X-Fi crytallizer.

    ZiiO 7″


  • Craving Tech

    Having the X-Fi feature turned on is like un-muffling my audio collection. Music feels sharper and richer than before. Pairing a Bluetooth device with the ZiiO was easy too and with just one touch, you can reconnect them together in an instant even after you turn the ZiiO off. Creative ZiiO is highly affordable that you can even buy one for the whole family; a portable & wireless media device for watching movies, listening to music, playing games, reading e-books or magazines, and net surfing.

    ZiiO 7″


  • T3

    We streamed a selection of tracks at different bitrates to the Creative WP-300 and sound quality is really impressive - surprisingly so for Bluetooth - in fact you almost forget you're streaming. With its excellent audio capability, the Creative ZiiO stands apart from other tablets...

    ZiiO 7″


  • TrustedReviews

    ... the touchscreen is very responsive for a resistive model, making browsing and day-to-day navigation quick and largely frustration-free. As a highly portable tablet, the Creative ZiiO 7 is perfect for watching the odd TV episode on the train or bus, and its hardware is up to the task too. At present, the Creative ZiiO 7 is one of the best sub-£200 tablet solutions available... If you need an affordable tablet right now, it's a good buy.

    ZiiO 7″


  • Pocket-lint

    Moving aside from apps per se and returning to core media support, you'll find that the Creative ZiiO 7 is rather well stocked. Coming from a company that has released a number of impressive media players and pushes some innovative audio products, the ZiiO 7 really sells itself as an enhanced media player. If you stick to the remit of a large screen media player, then the Creative ZiiO 7 is worth considering. If you have a selection of videos and music you want to take on your travels, then this will offer you entertainment for half the price you'd pay for an iPad or some rival Android tablets.

    ZiiO 7″


  • James Woodcock

    The Creative ZiiO 7” entertainment tablet... is a lovely little device for playing back your favourite content and even better watching it on your large HDMI compatible television or audio streamed via Bluetooth with Creative's X-Fi enhancements. Tablets are evolving quickly and for the price, the Creative ZiiO is a respectable entry into this new exciting world of technology without breaking the bank.

    ZiiO 7″


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Customer Reviews

  • M. Marchal

    Very compact, lightweight device with enough internal memory to start with. Expanding with micro sd-cards can double the capacity. (Check the type of micro sd you can use before entering one). I'm very pleased with this device. The leather case is also very handy to protect the device. I plan and I recommend to buy the screen protector as well. A scratched screen isn't fun reading a book, watching a movie or simply to work on. Speed of delivery was fast, very fast.

  • J. Pessi

    Fantastic product. Works fine with me. Menu is easy to navigate and use. I could suggest this product to my friends too.

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