Sound Blaster Roar SR20

Compact Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker with NFC

Never before has such powerful and well-balanced audio come from such a small compact booklet-sized speaker. With the Sound Blaster Roar, we've done the impossible by taking an impressive bi-amplified 5-driver system (including a kickass subwoofer) and shrinking it into a size no larger than a dictionary. The result: a speaker that is smaller, lighter, more stable and more powerful than any other speaker in its class. You'll have to hear it to believe it.

With its unbeatable factory-direct price, the Sound Blaster Roar easily outperforms speakers twice its price and is selling like hotcakes, with more than one unit selling every 30 seconds.

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Mind-Shattering Performance • Precision-Tuned Fidelity • ROAR Audio™ Power

Bi-Amplified Design: Two Amps, Not One

Most portable speakers utilize a single amplifier to reproduce the entire audio spectrum. With a single amplifier design, most of the demand goes into producing the lows and mids, which thus compromises the delivery of the highs. On the other hand, the Sound Blaster Roar utilizes two amplifiers - one dedicated to driving lows and mids, and another which is solely dedicated for delivering the high frequencies. This allows the speaker to produce uncompromisingly clear, high definition, well balanced music. The top-firing bass and mid-level driver is also laid horizontally, reducing the speaker's center of gravity, thus stabilizing it.

Space-Filling Dispersion

While many other portable speakers produce small, constrained sound, the Sound Blaster Roar is designed to deliver space-filling audio. That's because we have incorporated far-field high frequency drivers in the Sound Blaster Roar, and these project audio further than most other speakers in its class. This is complemented by the boxer-style layout, which also delivers a room-filling, nonsweet spot-specific audio experience.

ROAR: Instant No-Holds-Barred Audio Power

Most other portable speakers either focus on audio power thus compromising audio fidelity, or vice versa; this removes the power of choice from end users. The Sound Blaster Roar is designed to be different. By default, it produces balanced, high fidelity audio. And in scenarios where sheer audio power is needed - such as in large parties and social gatherings - users can press the ROAR button that instantly boosts the loudness, depth and spaciousness of the audio.

MegaStereo: Double the Roar, double the power!

The Sound Blaster Roar already delivers an amazing stereo audio performance on its own. Now, imagine the audio performance you will experience with two units of Sound Blaster Roar! Using the MegaStereo Cable, you can link up two units of Sound Blaster Roar to create a mega stereo experience of left+left and right+right channels to achieve a wider sound stage, giving you even more powerful, all-encompassing audio for your music, movies and games! Only audio playback from Bluetooth®, MicroSD card and USB audio via PC/Mac are supported when the MegaStereo Cable is in use.


You can also have fun "enslaving" other speakers by connecting them to the Sound Blaster Roar with the MegaStereo Cable.

Advanced High definition Audio Codecs — aptX and AAC

The Sound Blaster Roar supports aptX and AAC — advanced HD codecs that deliver high quality audio for Bluetooth transmission. These codecs — supported by branded Android phones and the iPhone — are crucial for great wireless audio and is not even found on many expensive wireless speakers.

What lies beneath

Minimizing energy wastage to deliver better audio quality

Delivering balanced highs and far-field high-frequency dispersion

Pumping out impressive bass and directed upwards to stabilize the speaker

Offering more bass enhancement and widening the soundstage

Clean, powerful bass

The active 2.5″ driver pumps out impressive bass. Directing the audio upwards also stabilizes the speaker and provides for a wider soundstage that does not require the listener to be situated in the audio sweet spot.

Even more bass enhancement

Not only that, it is further complemented and enhanced with dual opposing, side-firing passive radiators that widen the soundstage dramatically.

Acoustically optimized speaker design

The rigid monocoque endo-skeletal chassis has fewer internal components that vibrate individually. This translates to lesser energy wastage and better audio quality.

Compact, powerful, high frequency drivers

Durable and lightweight high-frequency drivers deliver balanced highs. These dual 1.5” premium drivers are also designed to provide far-field high-frequency dispersion.


Take the Roar with you

Sound Blaster Roar's built-in 6000mAh battery makes it highly portable, giving you the flexibility to place it anywhere or to bring it along with you.

Play your music non-stop for up to eight hours2. And, when it's out of juice, simply charge it using the proprietary power adaptor or the micro USB cable.

Charge your smartphone

With its high-capacity built-in 6000mAh Li-ion battery, Sound Blaster Roar can be used to charge your smartphone, so you'll always have backup power whenever you need it.

Convenient hands-free calls

Holding on to your phone throughout a lengthy call can be tiresome. Conduct hands-free conversations with Sound Blaster Roar by simply speaking through its built-in microphone.


Tap & play

All it takes is a tap, to pair your NFC-enabled device wirelessly to the Sound Blaster Roar.

If your phone doesn't come with NFC, you can always connect via Bluetooth the good old-fashioned way.

External Sound Blaster by USB Audio

The Sound Blaster Roar is not just a wireless speaker for smart devices. Users can connect it to their PCs or Macs via USB to enjoy clear digital audio from their desktops or laptops.

Connecting the speaker via USB enables for advanced PC audio processing through the downloadable software - the Sound Blaster Control Panel and full access to the SBX Pro Studio™ suite of technologies that intelligently enhance audio in real time.

Play or record via the microSD card slot

Integrated MP3/WMA/WAV player

Simply insert a microSD card3 containing your favorite songs and press the play button to enjoy them. A great option if you do not wish to commit your mobile phone for music playback.

Integrated audio and voice recorder

The Sound Blaster Roar's voice or audio recorder allows recording of audio directly into a microSD card3. You can even record voice calls!

Other handy features

Bedtime mode

In Bedtime mode, Sound Blaster Roar gradually reduces its volume before automatically shutting down, helping you save power instead of playing music throughout the night.

Loud Sounds Mode

Sound Blaster Roar comes with a special mode that plays tones and sound bites at random intervals to keep you alert.

One-touch siren

The built-in one-touch siren lets you instantly grab attention when you need to - for instance, at an outdoor group activity or during an emergency.

Get the most out of your Sound Blaster Roar

Get acquainted with the Sound Blaster Roar's controls, connectors and connectivity options with the User Experience Guide. We've also included a brief description of the speaker's architecture and the technologies found within it.

Read User Experience Guide


reddot award 2014 winner

Award-winning stylish and compact design. Bagging the prestigious international 2014 Red Dot Award for its amalgamation of precise audio engineering and minimalist design.

Taking the market by storm: 1 unit sold every 30 seconds at a Tech show

Right from the get-go, the Sound Blaster Roar began attracting fans with its amazing audio prowess. It was 'love at first sound' for many at the Creative Booth.

The numbers speak for themselves — one unit was sold every 30 seconds in a four-day cash-and-carry tech show.

Long lines began forming at the sales counters and forum pages were awash with how amazed people were with the sheer power of a speaker the size of a booklet. The Sound Blaster Roar was said to have completely outperformed and out-priced its competition in its segment.

From the leader in PC Audio...
Over 400 million Sound Blasters sold worldwide!


1 Playback of music is on a turn by turn basis, with one source playing at a time.
2 Actual battery life will vary with use and volume settings.
3 Supports microSD or microSDHC cards up to 32GB formatted in FAT/FAT32.


  • MyMac

    How loud is this ROAR speaker? Loud enough to invoke a “Turn that #$%& thing down, John” shout from Mrs. Nemo, indoors or outside, whenever I nudge the volume control on my iPhone upward. Even better, there is no distortion when SR20 is playing at full capacity. It will fill an apartment or small house with sound just as it fills my patio in every direction.

    Sound Blaster Roar SR20


  • Entertainment Buddha

    Creative Labs’ Sound Blaster ROAR is an amazing portable wireless speaker system that can definitely bolster your mobile audio needs while on the go. Its five driver system powered by two independent amps produces amazingly clear and powerful tones that can turn any Bluetooth audio device into an impressive sound system. Connecting to the ROAR is a breeze thanks to its easy-to-use NFC and Bluetooth pairing modes, so listening to music on it doesn’t require a technical degree. The extra functions only add more value to this already impressive device...

    Sound Blaster Roar SR20


  • Android Police

    The ROAR sounds killer, and it's definitely very balanced: lows are deep and rich, mids are very pronounced, and highs are a well-blended part of the mix. The combination of the three make it sound like a much larger speaker than it actually is. And when you crank the volume, it can handle it – there's no distortion even at max volume.

    Sound Blaster Roar SR20



    Creative has used all of its years of audio experience to create a piece of hardware capable of producing a remarkable, room-filling sound and then delicately programmed it to take advantage of the hardware. The vaunted "ROAR" function makes a noticeable difference when used, increasing the volume and the expansiveness of the sound.

    Sound Blaster Roar SR20


  • Sound Guys

    Considering everything else it does, this is not only a great value, but one of the flat out coolest speakers we’ve seen in some time. It’s not the smallest or most portable speaker we’ve seen for sure, but if you’re looking for the audio equivalent of a Swiss Army knife, this is the speaker for you.

    Sound Blaster Roar SR20


  • Oluv's Gadgets

    The ROAR is a very interesting and nice sounding portable speaker. Featurewise it beats most of the competition with built-in handsfree, NFC, Apt-X and such unique features like micro SD-card playback and even audio recording.

    Sound Blaster Roar SR20


  • Gizmodo Australia

    The Sound Blaster ROAR is solidly built, is chock-full of fancy features, and sounds pretty impressive — and it costs a lot less than I thought it would.

    Sound Blaster Roar SR20


  • Mr. Gadget

    The best bluetooth speakers in terms of sound and features is hands down the Creative Sound Blaster ROAR S20. Well done to Creative Labs who have been diligently working on producing the best sound from their devices for years and have such a great reputation for it. If you’re looking for a high performance portable wireless speaker, the Creative Sound Blaster ROAR S20 is it. Absolutely highly recommended.

    Sound Blaster Roar SR20



    I personally like to use it in my room as the ROAR is able to fill up the whole room with my music as if the speaker is built into the walls. Creative calls this “Space-Filling Dispersion”. It’s really an amazing experience that you can only feel if you have it in your room.

    Sound Blaster Roar SR20


  • Music | Photo | Life

    The SR20 is a stunning product with the amazing price and the Swiss-army knife-like list of features, and I have no qualms to proclaim that the "Audiophile Sound Booklet" SR20 is the best wireless portable speakers I have reviewed in terms of overall value and audio capabilities.

    Sound Blaster Roar SR20


  • Craving Tech

    ROAR, is loud and sounds good. Real good. That awesome sound quality, thankfully, can be enjoyed with pretty much any device you can throw at it. It supports pretty much all connections that you can think of: Bluetooth, 3.5mm jack, NFC, USB, and even a microSD card.

    Sound Blaster Roar SR20


  • Custom PC Review

    Overall, the Sound Blaster ROAR SR20 is definitely the most impressive Bluetooth speaker we’ve reviewed for quite a while – it not only sounds good, but it’s also extremely versatile, which is all you could really ask for with a Bluetooth speaker.

    Sound Blaster Roar SR20



    We blasted a couple of tracks at it, from The Eagles' Hotel California to Celine Dion’s Incredible and Katy Perry’s ROAR, the speakers volume was amazing, for its size. Even with the ROAR function enabled, at the loudest volume, the speakers managed to continue to churn out its music, without any distortion. Bass performance, for these portable speakers however, is incredible. Extremely punchy and deep, its performance in this segment has probably set the bar up another notch. High’s were fine and fortunately, not too sharp till it irritates one.

    Sound Blaster Roar SR20


  • iPhoneLIFE Magazine

    With the number of wireless speaker choices on the market, manufacturers like Creative need to differentiate themselves with the features contained in their products. Creative has certainly accomplished this objective with the ROAR SR20. It is packed with dozens of features, many of which are unique to the Sound Blaster wireless speaker line.

    Sound Blaster Roar SR20


  • GamingShogun

    The sheer amount of sound coming from the ROAR filled the room and no one in our audience missed any of the action. We have tried several other Bluetooth speakers for this role, but most fall short of putting out enough sound for everyone to hear clearly. The ROAR is now my speaker of choice for room-filling sound.

    Sound Blaster Roar SR20


  • My Tech Methods

    This speaker also has 5 drivers: 2 passive drivers on the side that produce the bass, 2 in the front that produce the highs, and 1 on top that produces the mids and bass. This allows it to give a very powerful well-balanced audio playback that will fill up an entire room. That is probably the best feature about this speaker. It can fill up a whole room very easily and when it’s playing in a room you can’t really tell where the speaker’s located. You can’t really tell where the sound is coming from. That’s how good of a job that this speaker does at filling up a whole room with high quality audio. 

    Sound Blaster Roar SR20


  • Inner Fidelity

    I really like the ROAR SR20... Adding in significant sonic control with the SB Control panel software; the ability to record voice and phone calls; the ability to play computer audio over USB; and the ability to act as a stand-alone player with music on the Micro-SD card makes it a product that delivers terrific value for money. This is a great little unit for the business traveler as it's small enough to fit in a brief case if needed, and will help you set-up a dandy little office in your hotel room. Totally dig it, happy to recommend this very cool audio tool!

    Sound Blaster Roar SR20


  • Tech Attack

    ...wherever you place the ROAR, you get a great sense that its sound reaches outwards to fill the space, which I think is well beyond the expectations of many smaller sounds systems, to say nothing of portable wireless speakers.

    Sound Blaster Roar SR20


  • Hardwarezone

    Regardless of your budget, if you are in the market for a compact wireless Bluetooth speaker, you would be foolish not to at least consider the Sound Blaster ROAR.

    Sound Blaster Roar SR20


  • The Mom Buzz

    The solid build of the ROAR put me at ease and I don’t have the feeling of breaking the device upon holding it. It’s not a smart phone, so weight isn’t as much of a concern and it’s portable, it’ll be used for our next beach trip or outside to the pool. Using the device, it was easy to connect and was used right away. The sound was clear and when played loud, the speakers seemed enjoy the challenge of playing various music from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young to techno by Tiesto.

    Sound Blaster Roar SR20


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A Closer Look At Your Product

    • System Configuration One-piece
    • Dimensions Speaker: 57.0 x 202.0 x 115.0 mm (2.2 x 7.9 x 4.5 inches), Power Adaptor Cord Length: approx 1.9m, USB Cord Length: approx 0.75m
    • Weight Speaker: 1.10kg (2.5lbs), Power Adaptor Weight: 153g
    • Bluetooth® Version Bluetooth 3.0
    • Bluetooth® Profile A2DP (Wireless Stereo Bluetooth), AVRCP (Bluetooth Remote Control), HFP (Hands-Free profile)
    • Supported Codecs aptX, SBC, AAC
    • Learn More
      • Sound Blaster Roar SR20
      • Power adapter
      • Micro USB Cable
      • Quick Start Guides
      • Warranty leaflet
      • Safety and regulatory leaflet
    • 1-year limited hardware warranty

Creative Store FAQ

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  • Featured Questions
  • How long does it take to fully charge the Sound Blaster Roar SR20 when the battery is completely flat?
    It will take approximately 3 hours to fully charge the Sound Blaster Roar SR20 using the included power adapter.


Sound Blaster Roar SR20

Sound Blaster Roar SR20

Compact Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker with NFC


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