Style and sound for MP3 music playback

The stylish and comfortable Creative HQ-80 backphones makes a great match for all types of portable audio devices, such as your MP3 player. They're perfect for all your music-on-the-go needs, with a lightweight behind-the-neck design and plush soft foam cushion ear pads that provide stability and comfort for extended music listening.

Neodymium drivers produce exceptional audio and bass

Crystal clear music

The 30mm Neodymium driver provides exceptional audio and bass for whatever your music fancy may be.
Self-adjustable behind-the-neck design and plush ear pads

Luxurious comfort

Slip it on. The comfortable neckband design and plush ear pads make it ideal for active prolonged use.
Single-sided cable for easy management

Less clutter; more freedom to move

The single-sided cable makes it less cumbersome and more manageable.
Pair it with your MP3 player

Ideal match with your favorite MP3 player

Stylish and comfortable, it is a perfect match for your MP3 player, making your music look and sound even better.

A Closer Look

Package Contents

  • One pair backphones


1-year Limited Hardware Warranty

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