I-Trigue 3000


A new level of style and performance in a slim design

Trendy and elegant, the I-Trigue 3000 2.1 is a designer speaker system with matching subwoofer that is slim and compact for placing on your desktop. With each satellite donned in a fashionable design, its small footprint and alluring looks will elevate any d├ęcor, and take your audio into the next level.

Powered by three 36mm NeoTitanium drivers, you can instinctively listen to sharper and clearer sonic imaging. Complementing your audio nirvana are the high-performance drivers & port tube subwoofer for deeper and richer bass. The versatile I-Trigue 3000 completes your audio sphere, with conveniences such as the wired remote control to adjust the master volume, power on/off switch, bass control and headphone jack for private listening. The stylish I-Trigue 3000 is a stunningly high-end looking designer speaker that puts compact and sleek design into a perfect harmony with functionality and performance.

Integrating the I-Trigue 3000 to your lifestyle

3 NeoTitanium drivers

Balanced, natural audio

Three acoustically-balanced high precision NeoTitanium drivers provide the most distinct and accurate audio for a balanced and more natural sound. Perfect for vocals, instruments and strings.
I-Trigue 3000 with notebook PC

Stunning looks for any mood

Trendy and elegant, this 2.1 designer speaker system comes with a matching slimline subwoofer that's slim and compact even to put on your desktop! With its distinctive industrial aura design, this classy speaker system is meant for flaunting.
I-Trigue 3000 with desktop PC

Fits here, there and anywhere

Gone are days of squeezing a quality sound system into any nook and cranny. The I-Trigue 3000 is not only a magnetically-shielded stunner, its small size easily fits anywhere in your home without any restrictions, even next to your TV or PC, without displaying any interference.
Wired remote

Simple and convenient

Your mood within easy reach. Fine tune your music however you like. The easy access in-line wired volume and bass control means you can control the amount of bass for that earth-shattering gaming or just a touch to hear a harp's string. For private listening, just plug in your favourite headphones, such as the HQ-1400, and be engulfed in your own world.

A Closer Look

Package Contents

  • Speakers (1.5m cable with RCA plug)
  • Subwoofer
  • Wired remote control
  • Stereo cable
  • Power supply adapter
  • One Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty/Technical Support booklet


Owner's Manual

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