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MEDIA ALERT - The Great Creative Sale Blasts Off with 3-Day Creative Warehouse Sale Offering Super Deals that Rock

23 May 2007

  • New ZEN Stone 1GB MP3 player at an irresistible price of S$69!
  • New ZEN Wav 2GB MP3 player premiering exclusively at The CREATIVE Stores
  • Creative Solutions for iPod - Xdock, X-Fi Sound System i600, PlayDock i500 and TravelSound i Docking Speakers and more
Date:25 - 27 May 2007 (Friday to Sunday)
Time:11am to 7pm
Venue:Creative Technology Headquarters (map enclosed for reference) 31 International Business Park, Creative Resource, Singapore 60992

From 25 May to 22 July 2007, Creative invites shoppers to come to The Great Creative Sale held islandwide at The CREATIVE Stores and all authorized Creative resellers in Singapore. Kicking off the celebrations is the 3-Day Creative Warehouse Sale held at the flagship Creative Store at Creative's Headquarters from 25 - 27 May 2007, offering the best and most amazing deals in town!

Debuting at the Creative Warehouse Sale is the brand new Creative ZEN Wav 2GB, a video, photo and MP3 player specially designed with built-in stereo speakers and a bundled acoustic stand and the elegant Creative Aurvana In-Ear Earphones, now available in chic white colour. Shoppers will find the newly-launched Creative ZEN Stone 1GB MP3 Player absolutely irresistible at a price that rocks - S$69! This incredibly tiny player, which comes in six vibrant colors, can be paired with matching skins with clips in a Fashion Pack, or a sporty armband and a travel charger in a Power Pack.

Discerning iPod users who look for significant enhancement to their listening experience would be keen to check out the live demo stations of Creative's latest ground-breaking X-Fi solution, the Creative Xdock, that allows users to enjoy mind-blowing Xtreme Fidelity music wirelessly anywhere in their homes. Also specially made for iPods are the recently-launched sleek Creative X-Fi Sound System i600, Creative PlayDock i500 Docking Speakers and Creative TravelSound i Docking Speakers.

Not to be missed are the technologically-advanced Creative Live! Cam Optia AF Webcam and the Creative Aurvana DJ Headphones to complement an active digital lifestyle!

Product Highlights
A. MP3 Players
Choose from a wonderful lineup of MP3 players which offer excellent performance and incredible value for money. Enjoy a great range of affordably priced accessories with every purchase of Creative's MP3 players.

  • Creative ZEN Stone 1GB @ S$69
  • Creative ZEN Wav 2GB @ S$179
  • Creative ZEN Vision W 60GB (Slim) @ S$599
  • Creative ZEN Vision:M 60GB @ S$449
  • Creative ZEN V Plus 8GB @ S$299
  • Creative MuVo V100 2GB @ S$99

B. Speakers
Creative's powerful range of speaker systems give users plenty of listening options in both performance and lifestyle settings

  • Creative X-Fi Sound System Z600 @ S$599
  • Creative PlayDock Z500 Docking Speaker System @ S$299
  • Creative GigaWorks T20 Speakers @ S$159 (Usual S$179)
  • Creative I-Trigue L3800 Speakers @ S$229 (Usual S$269)

C. Headphones

  • Creative Aurvana DJ Headphones @ S$169
  • Creative Aurvana In-Ear Earphones @ S$169 in new chic white colour. Also available in black.
  • Creative Fatal1ty Gaming Headset @ S$89

D. Cameras

  • Creative DiVi CAM 525D @ S$299 (Usual S$399)
  • Creative Webcam Vista @ S$19 (Usual S$21)

E. Creative Solutions for iPod
iPod users can now enhance their music with these excellent Creative solutions. With every purchase of the Creative Xdock, Creative X-Fi Sound System i600 or Creative PlayDock i500 Docking Speaker System, shoppers can also get the Creative Aurvana In-Ear Earphones or Creative Aurvana DJ Headphones at half price, S$84.50 (Usual S$169)! Every purchase of Creative TravelSound i Docking Speaker System also entitles shoppers to a free set of Creative HN-505 Headphones worth S$39.

  • Creative Xdock @ S$329
  • Creative X-Fi Sound System i600 @ S$599
  • Creative PlayDock i500 Docking Speaker System @ S$299
  • Creative TravelSound i Docking Speaker System @ S$199

Exclusive Promotions at the 3-Day Creative Warehouse Sale (25 - 27 May 2007)

F. Star Buys
Don't miss out on the incredible Star Buys as there are only limited units available daily!

Day 1 - 25 May 2007

  • Creative ZEN Vision:M 60GB Portable Media Player @ S$299 (Usual S$449) - Only 10 units!
  • Creative I-Trigue 3400 Premium Fidelity Speakers @ S$79 (Usual S$149) - Only 20 units!
  • Creative SL3100 Wireless Headphones @ S$99 (Usual S$199) - Only 30 units!

Day 2 - 26 May 2007

  • Creative ZEN Neeon 2 4GB MP3 Player @ S$149 (Usual S$239) - Only 10 units!
  • Creative GigaWorks T20 Speaker System @ S$79 (Usual S$159) - Only 20 units!
  • Creative DiVi CAM 525D Digital Video Camera @ S$179 (Usual S$299) - Only 30 units!

Day 3 - 27 May 2007

  • Creative PlayDock Z500 Docking Speaker System @ S$149 (Usual S$299) - Only 10 units!
  • Creative Live! Cam Optia AF Webcam @ S$89 (Usual S$169) - Only 20 units!
  • Creative ZEN V Plus 8GB MP3 Player @ S$199 (Usual S$299) - Only 30 units!

G. Sure-Win Mystery Grab
Be the first in line to buy a S$100 coupon and stand to win a chance to own an amazing Creative product worth up to S$399! All products in the Sure-Win Mystery Grab are guaranteed higher in value than what shoppers pay for. Only 900 mystery packs are up for grabs over 3 days. Some of the great deals are:

  • Creative ZEN Vision:M 30GB MP3 Player (Usual S$399)
  • Creative ZEN V Plus 4GB MP3 Player (Usual S$239)
  • Creative Aurvana In-Ear Earphones (Usual S$169)
  • Creative Xmod (Usual S$139)

H. Creative Free Music Workshop (Saturday, 26 May 2007)
Join us in this free music workshop and see how easy it is to make music. No registration required. Limited capacity available so come early!

  • Be Your Own One-Man Music Band (11am - 12noon) - Organised by MusicTEC, users can learn how to make music on the PC without the need of any complicated recording equipment and produce their own CDs in just a few easy steps.
  • Digital Music in Music Composition (5pm - 6pm) - Organised by talented local music producer, Eric Ng, users can learn how to use digital technology to help write and enhance music compositions.

I. Refurbished - Quality Refreshed, Greatly Reduced Prices!
Check out our refurbished products offering the same quality at lower prices! From sound cards, speaker systems to MP3 players and webcams, there will be something for everyone!

Highlights of The Great Creative Sale (25 May - 22 July 2007)
Exclusively at The CREATIVE Stores at Plaza Singapura, Marina Square and International Business Park, The Great Creative Sale will feature some fantastic celebration promotions like the Fortnight Specials, Club Creative Members' Special and Student Bargains.

J. Fortnight Specials
Mark your calendars! Creative gives shoppers more reasons to rejoice by offering unbeatable Fortnight Specials during The Great Creative Sale. Get a pair of Creative products at a fabulous price!

Promo 1 (25 May - 10 June)

  • Creative ZEN Neeon 2 1GB MP3 Player - 2 units for S$240 (Usual S$298) *Only 10 pairs available at each store per day.
  • Creative HN-505 Headphones - 2 units for S$50 (Usual S$78) *Available in both white and black.

Shoppers can visit sg.creative.com/sale to find out the offers on upcoming Fortnight Specials! The dates are Promo 1 (25 May - 10 June), Promo 2 (11 June - 24 June), Promo 3 (25 June - 8 July) and Promo 4 (9 July - 22 July).

K. Club Creative Members' Special
Club Creative members can look forward to super rebate deals up to tripling the value in Creative dollars with the purchase of Creative ZEN V Plus 8GB MP3 Player, Creative DiVi CAM 525D Digital Video Camera and Creative GigaWorks T20 Speaker System. By shopping at The CREATIVE Stores, Club Creative members also stand a chance to win 5 new Creative ZEN Stone 1GB MP3 players each week with a minimum spending of S$10 in a single receipt. Terms and conditions apply.

L. Student Bargains Not to Be Missed!
Students can enjoy their holidays early with these unbelievable offers by simply flashing their student passes! Some great deals include:

  • Creative MuVo V100 1GB MP3 Player @ S$55 (Usual S$69)
  • Creative PoPz Portable Speakers @ S$20 (Usual S$39)
  • Creative Live! Cam Vista IM Webcam @ S$29 with free Creative HE-100 Headset worth S$19
  • Creative HansVision DXT 2005 Deluxe with free Nomad English Learning Software - Happy Playing @ S$209 (Usual S$299)

During The Great Creative Sale, shoppers will receive a special e-coupon entitling them to a cool 10% storewide discount at Creative's online store sg.store.creative.com when they make purchases above S$100 at The CREATIVE Store.

Free Transportation & Parking
During the 3-day Creative Warehouse Sale, free shuttle bus service will be provided between Jurong East MRT station (pick-up point opposite Popular Bookstore) and Creative Resource.

Bus Time:10:30 am to 7:00 pm from Jurong East
(Last bus leaves at 8pm from Creative Resource)
Bus Interval:Every 15 mins
Note:For those driving to Creative, parking coupons are redeemable with any
purchase on Friday. Free parking on Saturday and Sunday.

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31 International Business Park
Creative Resource
Singapore 609921
Tel: (65) 6895 4000 Fax: (65) 6895 4999

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