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Creative Technology Ltd to Relocate Share Registrar Functions to Singapore

SINGAPORE - 24 June 2009 - Creative Technology Ltd. (“Creative”) announces its intention to relocate its share registrar functions which are currently handled by Mellon Investor Services LLC (“Mellon”), based in New York, to Singapore. Creative will be appointing Boardroom Corporate & Advisory Services Pte. Ltd. (“Boardroom”), based in Singapore, as its share registrar. Boardroom's appointment will take effect from 22 July 2009.

US Book Closure

Notice is given to Creative's shareholders in the United States (“Creative's US Shareholders”) that in order to facilitate the transfer of share registrar functions from Mellon to Boardroom, the Share Transfer Books and Register of Members will be closed for four market days between 16 July 2009 and 21 July 2009, both dates inclusive (“Closure Period”). In addition, no request by US Shareholders for transfer of their shares in Creative to be traded on SGX-ST will be accepted by Mellon and The Central Depository (Pte) Limited (“CDP”), between 9 July 2009 and 21 July 2009, both dates inclusive (“Restriction Period”).

The Restriction Period and the Closure Period is only in respect of Creative's shares that are not within the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (“SGX-ST”) trading system and will not affect the transferability of Creative's shares that are being traded on SGX-ST. Any request from Creative's US Shareholders to transfer their shares in Creative to be traded on SGX-ST must be received by Mellon and CDP, before 5pm (Eastern Standard Time) on 8 July 2009.

Trading in Singapore

Trading of Creative's shares will continue to take place on SGX-ST. For such trading to take place, Creative's shares will have to be on the SGX-ST scripless system. Creative's US Shareholders can sell Creative's shares on SGX-ST after they transfer these shares from their U.S. brokerage account to an account with CDP. Creative's US Shareholders need to check with their U.S. broker to see if the broker can perform this function for them and explain the process, procedure and timeline. Creative's US Shareholders would need to select a U.S. broker who can perform this function if their current U.S. broker is unable to perform this function. Many major U.S. brokers have these capabilities.

Please check the Investor Relations section of Creative's website at www.creative.com/corporate/investor for any further updates.

About Creative
Creative is a worldwide leader in digital entertainment products for PC users. Famous for its Sound Blaster® sound cards and for launching the multimedia revolution, Creative is now driving digital entertainment on the PC platform with products like its highly acclaimed ZEN® MP3 players. Creative's innovative hardware, proprietary technology, applications and services leverage the Internet, enabling consumers to experience highquality digital entertainment — anytime, anywhere.

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