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Creative Inspire 6.1 6600 Features a Rear-Center Speaker for Incredible Audio Realism from PC Games, Dolby Digital EX Movies and Digital Music

MILPITAS, CA - September 24, 2002 - Creative Technology Ltd. (NASDAQ: CREAF), the worldwide leader in digital entertainment products for PC users, today announced a new 6.1 speaker system with Dolby Digital EX support for the PC. The Creative Inspire 6.1 6600 includes a subwoofer and six speakers, and introduces a rear-center speaker for incredible audio realism from DirectSound 3D game titles, Dolby Digital EX DVD movies and digital music. Priced at only US$129.99, the Creative Inspire 6.1 6600 is slated for immediate worldwide shipment.

"At the time we're introducing the Creative Inspire 6.1 6600, hot game titles like 'Hitman 2: Silent Assassin' and 'Soldier of Fortune II', plus hundreds more DirectSound 3D, EAX and EAX ADVANCED HD game titles already fully support 6.1 surround sound. This gives PC Gamers a competitive edge and allows them to hear an opponent approaching from directly behind, whether it's in a first-person shooter or a racing game," said Craig McHugh, president of Creative. "The ideal companion for our new Sound Blaster Audigy 2 sound cards, the Creative Inspire 6.1 6600 supports Dolby Digital EX with DVD movies, for superior accuracy in sound separation from front to back and across the three rear speakers."

The Creative Inspire 6.1 6600 features 120 total Watts System Power for 6.1 positional audio on EAX and Microsoft DirectSound3D games. Users will experience sound from six speakers and the subwoofer when the system is paired with the new Sound Blaster Audigy 2, and they can also switch the CMSS (Creative Multi-Surround System) up-mix control on the subwoofer to create a 6.1 sound field from a Sound Blaster 5.1 sound card. The system's six speakers are designed with the advanced IFP (Image Focusing Plate) design technology that employs a curved front baffle plate and a contoured driver flare to improve sonic accuracy without sacrificing tonal balance. The subwoofer features a unique port tube, which is internally and externally contoured, allowing air to flow smoothly for cleaner bass reproduction - unlike traditional port tubes that create air turbulence that results in distorted bass. Users can conveniently control the speaker playback levels with a compact wired remote volume control with power switch, LED indicator, headphone jack and front and rear balance control.

For more information about the Creative Inspire speaker systems, visit www.creative.com.

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