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NOMAD Jukebox Makes Favorite Music Collections Portable in a Sleek, Compact Design - 150 CDs or Over 100 Hours of CD-Quality Music

MILPITAS, Calif. - September 18, 2000 - Creative Technology Ltd. (NASDAQ: CREAF), today announced it has begun shipping the NOMAD Jukebox in the U.S., the most highly anticipated portable digital audio solution in its line of Personal Digital Entertainment (PDE) Internet Appliances. The NOMAD Jukebox features 6GB of storage in a sleek, portable design that holds over 100 hours of high-quality digital music, or the equivalent of about 150 CDs. The NOMAD Jukebox supports both PC and Macintosh operating systems and is available now for U.S. $499.99 at retail stores and e-tailers. The NOMAD Jukebox allows consumers to take their favorite digital music collections from CDs, MP3s and other audio recordings, convert and transfer them from the PC to the NOMAD Jukebox. Featuring a line-in jack for DAT quality, dual-band recording, the NOMAD Jukebox can also be used for live, high-quality digital recordings. Built-in support for FourPointSurround speaker systems provides a surround-sound experience and built-in EAX audio technology allows consumers to adjust playback speed or customize their music environment with audio effects like auditorium, concert hall and jazz club, among other features. With support for downloadable music formats such as MP3, WMA, WAV files and upcoming new formats, the NOMAD Jukebox provides a programmable, highly flexible portable audio solution. "The NOMAD Jukebox was designed to deliver an entirely new way to experience high-quality music anywhere," said Craig McHugh, president of Creative Labs, Inc. "Consumers are now able to navigate through their entire collections of favorite music in a portable solution that fits in the palm of your hand." "With the NOMAD Jukebox we're addressing consumers' needs - the capacity to make favorite music collections portable, the flexibility to customize music and create playlists - all in a solution that is capable of supporting upcoming digital audio formats," said Hock Leow, Creative's chief technology officer. "We plan on continuing to empower our customers with new accessories, new features and support for new audio formats that will enable a personal digital entertainment experience." Features & Benefits Creative's NOMAD Jukebox includes the following features and benefits. For additional information, please visit www.nomadworld.com.

  • Creative PlayCenter 2 software provides a universal, intuitive interface for encoding, decoding and archiving high quality MP3 files, Windows Media files as well as converting unlimited numbers of CD tracks
  • SoundJam MP the premier MP3 player and recorder for the Macintosh allows easy encoding, downloading of music, building of custom playlists and sorting of music by artist, track, song, genre and more
  • Real-time DSP onboard for superior audio playback and customization
  • Surround Sound Support including two line outs for FourPointSurround speaker systems
  • Adjustable Playback Speed implementation for voice or music for optimized playback
  • Parametric EQ allows control of treble, bass and mid-range settings
  • Headphone-Out Jack supports headphone spatialization and equalizer effects
  • 5 Minute Shock Protection Buffer for superior performance while on the move
  • Preloaded with over 20 hours of music content and audio books including Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Robinson Crusoe
  • Includes accessories: set of stereo headphones, two 4-packs of AA NiMH batteries (1 spare), 1 universal AC power supply, 1 USB connector cable and a carrying pouch
  • Future Support for upcoming downloadable features including new EAX Environmental Effects, security features, and auto playlist generators

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