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Create And Playback Unique, Stunning Internet MusicVideos With New Open Scene Architecture, Intro Credits Screen, And Multi-Scene Storyboards

MILPITAS, CA - December 15, 1999 - Interactive music videos for MP3 music are now a reality with the introduction of version 2.0 of the LAVA! MusicVideo Player from LAVA.com, the Internet venture funded by Creative Labs, Inc. (NASDAQ: CREAF), as part of its Creative.com initiative. LAVA! is the first software solution to offer interactive 3D MusicVideo entertainment on the Internet to the mass market.

The LAVA! Player 2.0 enhances an already quick and simple MusicVideo creation process with advanced features that transcend the boundaries of traditional music videos like those seen on MTV and VH1. With next generation functionality that includes musician/song title screens with hyper-links, LAVA! scene importing and multi-scene sequencing, music enthusiasts and musicians can now create unique and stunning interactive 3D MusicVideos to accompany their MP3 music.

"Our primary design goal for LAVA! is to empower anyone to create a unique and compelling MusicVideo in less time than it takes to listen to the track," said Barry Raskin, director of LAVA! at Creative. "We've taken a radically different approach to music videos by pioneering intelligent audio control of 3D graphics to automate the generation of sophisticated visual scenes. And being amazingly compact, LAVA! MusicVideos are ideal for Web distribution."

LAVA! allows mainstream users to experience their MP3s accompanied by a LAVA! MusicVideo - a sophisticated environment of 3D objects, textures, images and messages that dynamically evolve in sync with the music. Using a combination of sophisticated audio analysis and 3D graphics acceleration, LAVA! delivers a hypnotic 3D audio-visual experience to Internet music enthusiasts and provides a cost-effective vehicle for musicians to promote and distribute their music over the Internet.

LAVA! 2.0 offers new MusicVideo creation and playback features including:

  • Scene Storyboards - With LAVA!'s new multi-scene feature, users can now select and mix multiple visual environments that automatically sequence while the song is playing, offering infinite flexibility for creating audiovisual masterpieces.
  • Intro Credits Screen - LAVA!'s hyper-linkable introduction screen, enables artists to brand their MusicVideos with cover art, artist name, song title and contact info (URL/e-mail), giving musicians the ability to more effectively promote their music on the Internet.
  • Open Scene Architecture - LAVA! now lets users import new thematic scene templates direct from the web, designed by the LAVA! developers to appeal to a wide variety of music genres. Visitor's to www.lava.com can now access and download scene templates and textures from an ever-expanding library that will be continuously updated
  • Slick User-Interface - With a revamped, post-modern look and feel, LAVA! Player 2.0 is even more intuitive than its predecessor, offering a greater level of control and making it effortless for even novice users to create cutting-edge interactive 3D MusicVideos.

LAVA! has partnered with many of the Internet's top music providers and meta-labels to offer support for LAVA! MusicVideos. To coincide with the launch of LAVA! 2.0, Cductive.com, the leading MP3 distributor of independent-label music on the Internet, has provided a LAVA! MusicVideo and MP3 of "Friction" from premier hip-hop turntablist and producer DJ Vadim. Visitors to www.lava.com can freely download and play this and other hot new LAVA! MusicVideos and associated MP3 tracks from the exclusive LAVA! Video Vault archives.

"LAVA! MusicVideos are one of the most innovative and entertaining music packaging, promotion and distribution vehicles we have seen," said John Rigos, CEO and Co-Founder of Cductive.com. "Cductive.com is excited about continuing to work with LAVA.com and offering our customers and artists the new LAVA! Player 2.0."

Additional LAVA.com content partners include:

  • AMP3.com: www.AMP3.com
  • ArtistOne: www.ArtistOne.com
  • B Ya Self Records: www.bysrecords.com
  • Cductive.com: www.Cductive.com
  • EMusic: www.emusic.com
  • Epitonic: www.epitonic.com
  • MP3DOM.com: www.MP3DOM.com
  • SoundClick: www.SoundClick.com
  • The Digital Music Company, Inc.: www.buymp3.com and www.audiosurge.com
  • Tropia (OTC SS: SITI): www.Tropia.com

    This announcement relates to products whose launches are in the United States of America. The product names, contents, prices and availability may differ elsewhere in the world according to local factors and requirements.

    Sound Blaster and Blaster are registered trademarks of Creative Technology Ltd. LAVA! is a trademark of Creative Technology Ltd. All other products mentioned herein are trademarks of their respective owners and are hereby recognized as such.

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