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Digital Design and Environmental Audio 2.0 Support Deliver Ultimate Gaming Experience

Milpitas, Calif. - September 13, 1999 - Creative Technology Ltd. (NASDAQ: CREAF), the leading provider of multimedia solutions for personal entertainment, announced today the introduction of the Sound Blaster Live! X-Gamer audio accelerator, a feature-rich solution designed to allow gamers to experience digital quality audio on all source material including more than 60 current game titles supported by Creative's Environmental Audio.

The digital architecture of the Sound Blaster Live! X-Gamer processes every audio signal at a full 32-bit resolution for high quality output. To further enhance the digital experience, a digital output allows the connection of four-way digital speakers such as the FourPointSurround FPS2000 Digital for a surround sound experience. Featuring advanced elements such as the powerhouse EMU10K1 processor, customized sound pre-sets and downloadable upgrades through Creative's Live!Ware, the Sound Blaster Live! X-Gamer is the gamer's sound card of choice.

The Sound Blaster Live! X-Gamer audio accelerator promises to make sound an even more integral part of the gaming experience by fully implementing Creative Labs' Environmental Audio 2.0 standard, which draws gamers into a world that sounds as authentic as it looks by including high quality reverb, improved 3D positioning and support for effects like occlusion and obstruction. While graphics cards have taken center stage in the gaming community over the past several years, the importance of sound solutions has now become clear as games evolve into more immersive experiences. With the Environmental Audio 2.0 standard, sounds can now be accurately heard anywhere within a 360 degree circumference and in an up-down axis. Sounds such as footsteps, a rogue space ship or a slamming door will have a definite place in an evocative soundscape, pulling the gamer further into the 3D realm.

"Gamers have come to expect hardware innovations as compelling as today's top-selling titles," said Sim Wong Hoo, chairman and chief executive officer of Creative Technology Ltd. "Sound Blaster Live! X-Gamer represents the kind of unrivaled system optimization that truly brings gaming to the next level."

"Must-Have" Games Bundle
Providing an unprecedented value as well as the opportunity to experience the full dimension of Environmental Audio, Creative also includes three hot new full-version game titles for X-Gamers to enjoy with their purchase: "Descent 3," "Need for Speed 4: High Stakes" and "Thief: The Dark Project."

Beyond the full-version game titles, an awesome feature set is integrated into the Sound Blaster Live! X-Gamer solution, giving users unparalleled opportunities to enhance their game environment. The Sound Blaster Live! X-Gamer delivers:

  • EMU10K1 Digital signal processor: Processes every audio signal at full 32-bit resolution providing for the highest level of clarity and accurate 3D positional audio. The most powerful digital integrated music, audio and effects engine available, the EMU10K1 efficiently accelerates Environmental Audio, DirectSound3D and DirectSound so gamers locked in life-and-death online competitions won't be fragged by latency issues.
  • Full Environmental Audio support: An industry standard in audio, Environmental Audio adds real-time effects for maximum customization and extended game re-play value. The Sound Blaster Live! X-Gamer also includes presets for legacy titles to support Environmental Audio.
  • Multi-channel audio output: To further enhance the experience, a digital output allows the connection of four-way digital speakers such as the FourPointSurround FPS2000 Digital for a pure digital audio surround sound experience.
  • Games Bundle: Effectively gives gamers a free solution by including three "A" full-version game titles including "Descent 3," "Need for Speed 4: High Stakes," and "Thief: The Dark Project."
  • Live!Ware Support: Creative's online resource keeps hardware current by increasing the power of the Sound Blaster Live! X-Gamer through new gameplay and playback features and functionalities, including upgradeability for MP3 authoring.

Pricing and Availability
The Sound Blaster Live! X-Gamer is now available through Creative's extensive network of distributors and resellers worldwide at an estimated street price of US$99.99.

This announcement relates to products whose launch are in the United States of America. The product names, contents, prices and availability may differ elsewhere in the world according to local factors and requirements.

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