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LOS ANGELES, Calif. - May 13, 1999 - Creative Technology, Ltd. (NASDAQ: CREAF), the renowned innovator of market-leading multimedia solutions for personal entertainment, today announced a beta version of Unified, a new technology for use in conjunction with its award-winning line of Graphics Blaster RIVA TNT graphics accelerators. This new technology allows the limited number of remaining "GLIDE only" legacy games to run on Creative's Graphics Blaster RIVA TNT line of products. Subsequent releases of Unified are expected to support the entire line of Creative's upcoming graphics cards.

The Unified technology announced today consists of two parts: (1) a software layer that translates GLIDE calls into the corresponding commands in Microsoft's broadly supported Direct3D API and, (2) a specification of extensions that go beyond Glide's current limited capabilities to support the more advanced hardware architecture offered by Creative's Graphics Blaster RIVA TNT. Unified will permit those game developers who wish to utilize Glide to take advantage of the advanced rendering features already available in Direct3D but not currently supported by Glide.

Planned future extensions of Unified include 24/32-bit rendering, stencil buffering; 24/32-bit z-buffering, support for textures larger than 256x256, and AGP texturing. Documentation for these proposed extensions is available to the game development community for review, and can be downloaded from The Creative Zone at: www.soundblaster.com/hotgraphics/unified/.

"We are pleased to be able to offer our existing installed Graphics Blaster RIVA TNT customer base and game developers this new technology," said Steve Mosher, vice president, graphics business for Creative. "While research shows that only a small number of "Glide-only" games still exist today, our customers have invested in these titles and want to play them on advanced 3-D accelerators including Creative's Graphics Blaster RIVA TNT."

Owners of Creative's highly-acclaimed Graphics Blaster RIVA TNT cards interested in participating in the beta test program for Unified can download the software at www.soundblaster.com/hotgraphics/unified/. Game developers who do not currently own a Graphics Blaster RIVA TNT card are encouraged to contact Creative's Developer Relations team at 408-428-2345 for information on our Developer Relations programs.

Creative Technology Ltd. develops, manufactures and markets a wide array of advanced multimedia solutions for the PC, entertainment, education, music and productivity tools markets. Creative's products are marketed through the OEM, systems integrator and retail channels under a variety of trademarks, including the "Blaster" family name. With the new Sound Blaster PCI standard, Creative has produced a solution that utilizes a combination of hardware and software for near-perfect compatibility with existing DOS and Windows titles. Creative's corporate headquarters and primary manufacturing are based in Singapore, with sales, distribution and research and development being carried out through an extensive, global network of subsidiaries located in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

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