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Create Stunning 3D MusicVideo Scenes and Song Packaging For Promoting And Distributing With MP3s

LOS ANGELES - February 3, 2000 - Music videos, previously the domain of only the industry's elite recording talent, are now a reality for all emerging and independent artists on the Internet with the release of the LAVA! Producer from LAVA.com, an Internet venture from Creative Labs, Inc. (NASDAQ: CREAF). LAVA! is the first software solution to offer interactive 3D MusicVideo entertainment on the Internet to the mass market.

LAVA! Producer is the first authoring tool from LAVA.com that enables artists to construct infinitely unique and stunning 3D Music Video scenes to accompany their songs without the need for software programming skills. Featuring 3D object replacement and object scaling within LAVA! scenes, integration with the Video Blaster WebCam products from Creative Labs, and an 'MP3/MusicVideo3D' locking option, on-line musicians are empowered to create their own digital song packaging to distribute and promote their music over the Internet.

"The industry is anxiously waiting for the first Internet-made 'music star' to emerge." said Barry Raskin, director of LAVA.com at Creative. "While hundreds of thousands of artists are already flocking to the Web to post their songs with their hopes of being heard and perhaps discovered, there have been no practical promotional tools available to them which are affordable, easy to use and suitable for wide Internet deployment. The LAVA! Producer is the first solution available for emerging and independent artists to use as a powerful form of visual expression, and as a critical tool to distinguish themselves from the crowd, just as elite artists have enjoyed through MTV and VH1."

LAVA! allows music listeners to experience their MP3s accompanied by LAVA! MusicVideos -sophisticated environments of 3D objects, textures, images and messages that dynamically evolve in sync with the music. Using a combination of sophisticated audio analysis and 3D graphics acceleration, LAVA! delivers a hypnotic 3D audio-visual experience to Internet music enthusiasts and provides a cost-effective and highly compact vehicle for musicians to promote and distribute with their music over the Internet.

The LAVA! Producer offers interactive 3D MusicVideo scene authoring and packaging features, including:

Scene Object Replacement and Scaling - Starting with any LAVA! scene template, the LAVA! Producer allows users to quickly select and replace the 3D objects from an extensive library, to create totally new interactive 3D Music Video scenes. Its simple, ultra-intuitive interface allows users to scale objects on-the-fly to any size, to construct new 3D visuals.

Integration with the Video Blaster WebCam - Adding band pictures to LAVA! Music Videos is now easier to accomplish with integrated support for the digital PC cameras from Creative Labs. Snapshot images are applied directly onto the LAVA! objects, where the pictures are automatically and instantly "cropped & dropped" into the LAVA! scene.

Music Video Packaging through MP3/MV3 Locking - Protected distribution of LAVA! Music Videos is assured through LAVA! Producer's unique MP3/MV3 (MusicVideo 3D) File Association feature. This option prevents others from altering the 3D objects and images in the saved scene and prevents the playback of the visuals with other songs.

" The Internet music revolution has been waiting for a compelling visual medium worthy of wrapping quality music." said Michael Barnes, senior brand manager of LAVA!. "LAVA! Producer is the only viable high-impact, low-effort solution for visually packaging music complete with photos, logos, artist bios and Web site hyperlinks. The LAVA! Producer is easy-to-use and affordable for most on-line musicians and artists, while distribution of the compact MV3 file is easily accomplished over standard modems, without the need for broadband, while still delivering full-screen, high-resolution interactive 3D entertainment to end users. "

Visitors of www.lava.com can download the LAVA! Player now for free to instantly experience interactive 3D MusicVideos with their own existing library of MP3s and from an expanding library of LAVA! MusicVideos provided by LAVA! content partners. The LAVA! Producer will be available in March for $29.95 via download at www.lava.com.

This announcement relates to products whose launches are in the United States of America. The product names, contents, prices and availability may differ elsewhere in the world according to local factors and requirements.

Sound Blaster and Blaster are registered trademarks of Creative Technology Ltd. LAVA! is a trademark of Creative Technology Ltd. All other products mentioned herein are trademarks of their respective owners and are hereby recognized as such.

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