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A Fun and Entertaining Way to Play and Learn Music on the PC

What: Creative, the worldwide leader in digital entertainment products for PC users, is now shipping the Creative Prodikeys in the United States. The first integrated music and PC keyboard, Creative Prodikeys caters to anyone who wishes to play, learn and create music in a fun and entertaining way. Creative Prodikeys is now shipping at an estimated street price of US$99.99.

"The Creative Prodikeys is an innovative and revolutionary product that brings a new dimension to interactive music entertainment," said Sim Wong Hoo, CEO of Creative. "We would love to equip every home and school PC with a Creative Prodikeys. We have combined our music and audio expertise to create an affordable, fun and easy interactive way to learn and play music for the mass market."

This unique and revolutionary interactive keyboard is a standard, 104-key PC keyboard with 37 touch-sensitive MIDI keys embedded. The included Creative Prodikeys software allows anyone with or without a musical background-novice or professional-to play, learn and create outstanding quality music quickly and easily. While in "Learn" mode, users can even learn to play a song in five simple lessons. Intelligent Chord Accompaniment will fill in the right chords and a full orchestral band when playing a melody with just one hand. With Creative Prodikeys, users can even record and save their performances in MP3 to send to family and friends.

Creative Prodikeys can be connected easily to any desktop PC via the standard PS/2 port. The Prodikeys' design allows it to fit comfortably onto the user's desktop without taking up additional space, making it convenient to work and play music on the PC.

Features & Benefits
Integrated music and PC keyboard for playing, learning and creating music easily on the PC
- 104-key standard PC keyboard
- Music keyboard with 37 touch-sensitive keys, "Fun" button, volume control, pitch bend wheel and an ergonomic wrist rest
Realistic audio quality of up to 128 different musical instruments and effects-change the instrument, tempo, or rhythm with the touch of a button
Bundled software features four modes designed for learning and playing music easily:
- Impress mode: Play impressively even without musical background
- Penta Tunes for playing a tune with the 5-tone scale and matching rhythm, effects and instrumental fill-ins
- Fun Tunes' Professional Deejay mixes for creating impressive music grooves just by holding down the music keys
- Learn mode: Learn to play at your own pace
- Easy Play mode: Play with full orchestral accompaniment using just one hand
- Perform mode: Perform in style and produce your own music
- Customize your own performance settings with chords, instruments, rhythms, tempos, etc.
- Record and save your performance in WAV, MIDI or MP3 files
- Import a MIDI or sequence file for multi-track recording
100 different music styles under 10 categories: Ballad, Slow Ballad, Pop, Dance, Rock & Roll, Old Latin, Modern Latin, Jazz, World Music and Folk
Compose and sequence your own music with other MIDI sequencing software
Works with any desktop PC (Pentium 233MHz or higher and standard PS/2 port)
Can be combined with Creative's award-winning Sound Blaster audio cards to experience excellent, realistic sound quality of a wide range of musical instruments and sound effects right at the PC
Free Sound Blaster audio card included for enhanced audio experience
Click the Internet key on Prodikeys to download new content, such as new instruments and lessons from www.prodikeys.com

For more information, please visit www.prodikeys.com.

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