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Interactive 3D Music Videos Featured Live At Premiere Academy Awards® Event Hosted By Hollywood Stock Exchange®

MILPITAS, Calif. - March 24, 2000 - LAVA.com, the leader in interactive 3D music video entertainment for the Internet, will ignite the main music stage of Hollywood Stock Exchange's Academy Awards celebration, O2K, with a cutting edge live performance of LAVA! MusicVideos. As a major participant in this year's annual event, LAVA.com will produce and project the visuals that accompany the headline music entertainment. Directed live by two LAVA! "VJs" (video jockeys), party guests will be treated to a unique and stunning display of PC-generated 3D animations that dance and evolve in sync with the music.

This year's celebration starts with an Academy Awards viewing dinner and post-show party for 2000 Hollywood celebrities and Silicon Valley digerati at the House of Blues in West Hollywood to be held on March 26. The HSX Academy Awards Party and Webcast will feature LAVA.com's compelling interactive 3D music videos projected behind musical guests Moby and the award winning, newly inducted Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame artists, Earth, Wind & Fire.

LAVA.com will utilize the new LAVA!5 Producer authoring software to create customized interactive 3D music videos designed specifically to accompany each artist. When performed, party-goers will be immersed in a dazzling display of highly animated scenes of 3D objects, textures, images, colors and messages that dynamically evolve, morph and dance in sync with the music and to the VJ's input. With high-impact and low effort, LAVA! Producer empowers music labels, artists and club DJs to design their own eye-popping 3D music videos to perform or distribute with their music without requiring any software programming skills.

"We are very excited to be a part of HSX's O2K Party," said Barry Raskin, director of LAVA.com. "Guests are going to be pleasantly surprised at the ultra-high quality interactive visual entertainment that can be produced with a PC, 3D graphics and a powerful yet easy-to-use software tool like LAVA!."

"LAVA.com adds a new dimension to the O2K entertainment experience with an ingenious product that combines music and visual entertainment in a way that scales from the concert venue to the home PC," said Douglas Scott, Senior VP Product and General Manager, Hollywood Stock Exchange.

Visitors to www.lava.com can download the LAVA!5 Player for free to immediately enjoy interactive 3D music videos with their existing library of MP3 songs, and may select from an expanding library of LAVA! MusicVideos provided by music partners.

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