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SpinRecords.com To Promote Catalog of MP3s with LAVA!™ Interactive 3D Music Videos

MILPITAS, Calif. - March 3, 2000 - LAVA.com from Creative Labs, and SpinRecords.com today announced a major co-marketing agreement to feature LAVA! in the promotion of SpinRecord.com's exciting portfolio of popular independent artists and music. As part of a LAVA! Platinum Partner agreement, LAVA.com will collaborate with SpinRecords.com to design and produce custom LAVA! MusicVideos for more than 200 SpinRecords.com downloadable MP3 songs selected from their catalog. Through the arrangement, music fans and customers of SpinRecords.com will be able to experience full-screen, high-resolution interactive 3D music visuals with their music.

SpinRecords.com plans to utilize the new LAVA! Producer authoring tool to create their custom LAVA! MusicVideos - highly animated scenes of 3D objects, textures, images, colors and messages that dynamically evolve, morph and dance in sync with the music and to user input. With high-impact and low effort, LAVA! Producer empowers on-line labels and artists to design their own eye-popping LAVA! 3D music visuals without requiring any software programming skills, providing a cost-effective, low-bandwidth solution to package and promote their music. "SpinRecords.com is a recognized leader and innovator in defining the on-line 'Farm-Label' model for independent artist development and promotion," said Barry Raskin, director of LAVA.com. "It is not a surprise that SpinRecords.com was among the earliest to discover the value and power of using a tool like LAVA! to add to their marketing suite. SpinRecord.com's artists will now have yet another advantage in promoting their music and establishing a brand by offering their fans a more memorable and enjoyable audio-visual listening experience."

The new agreement expands on an ongoing relationship between LAVA.com and SpinRecords.com. In addition to contributing MP3 and LAVA! MusicVideos to the latest LAVA! Compilation CD, SpinRecords.com was a co-sponsor of the "MILLENNIUM NAMM Music In Motion" Party on February 4th at the Key Club in Los Angeles. There they featured one of their top bands, ACID-9, playing their set accompanied by a specially produced LAVA! MusicVideo light show.

"LAVA! is a fantastic tool for promoting our musicians and bands," said Robert Shapiro, Senior Vice-President and COO at SpinRecords.com. "SpinRecords.com is committed to providing the industry's best marketing services to our selection of top-notch artists. Without the resources to produce and promote our artists through MTV-style broadcast music videos, LAVA! superbly fills that void with a solution that is easy, cost-effective and brilliantly compelling to our customers."

Visitors to www.lava.com can download the LAVA! Player for free to immediately enjoy interactive 3D music videos with their existing library of MP3 songs, and from an expanding library of LAVA! MusicVideos provided by content partners. The LAVA! Producer will be available for on-line purchase and digital download from www.lava.com beginning in March for US$29.95.

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