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Creative's EAX 2.0 API Used As Basis For IA-SIG Level 2 Guidelines

Game Developers Conference - San Jose, CA - March 18, 1999 - At the Game Developers Conference this week, the IA-SIG (Interactive Audio Special Interest Group) is proposing the specification for I3DL2 (IA-SIG Interactive 3D Audio Rendering Guideline Level 2) that includes similar formats and incorporates key elements of Creative's EAX 2.0 specification. Creative Labs, Inc. (NASDAQ: CREAF), the leading provider of multimedia hardware for the PC, has taken a key role in working with the IA-SIG 3D Audio Working Group under the MMA (MIDI Manufacturers Association) to help define the next level guideline for 3D audio development. Creative will add support for I3DL2 in updated drivers for its award-winning Sound Blaster Live! family of audio cards. In addition, Creative will seamlessly support I3DL2 in its EAX 3.0 API (Application Programming Interface).

The IASIG Level 2 guideline, combined with the previous Level 1 guideline (embodied in Microsoft's DirectSound 3D API), provides baseline interactive 3D audio environments with reverberation for 3D games, web browsers and interactive or recorded music on the PC platform. "I applaud Creative Labs efforts to help define these new IA-SIG guidelines for 3D audio enhancements. Creative has played a major role in the working group process by providing primary concepts and materials from their Environmental Audio Extensions API (EAX), drafting the specification, and incorporating feedback from all of the participating companies. Their efforts were undertaken with exactly the kind of spirit which leads to industry wide improvements in mass market entertainment technology," said Mark Miller, chairman of the IA-SIG.

"We are pleased that EAX has been chosen as the basis for defining the next 3D audio standard," said Jean-Marc Jot, Creative's 3D audio scientist. "This underscores Creative's continued ability to drive audio standards in the industry. Creative's Environmental Audio Extensions and Sound Blaster Live! are leading the way to new possibilities in 3D audio development."

I3DL2 offers a standardized artificial reverberation interface for creating virtual audio scenes and worlds, including the possibility for sound sources and the listener to move interactively between distinct audio environments and within an environment. With I3DL2, principal 3D positional and environmental cues can be dynamically updated in accordance with interactive movements. It includes occlusion and obstruction features that make it possible to render the muffling of sounds as they travel through or around walls and obstacles, whether these sounds emanate from a different room or from the same environment as the listener's.

Support for I3DL2 in the Sound Blaster Live! Family and in Creative's EAX API
New drivers with support for the I3DL2 are already in beta test, and will be available for Creative's Sound Blaster Live! and Live! Value through Creative's Live!Ware program at: www.soundblaster.com. Furthermore, the newly announced EAX 3.0 API includes seamless support for the I3DL2 specification (which is a subset of EAX 2.0), so that any game using EAX 3.0 will automatically take advantage of any hardware or software platform supporting I3DL2. By providing transparent support for I3DL2, EAX will continue to be the API of choice for developers, guaranteeing optimal performance for their 3D titles on the largest possible installed base.

Environmental Audio
Creative's Environmental Audio standard takes a systems approach to delivering the Environmental Audio experience - from the audio processor and the underlying Environmental Modeling algorithms, to the speaker systems and the API for gaming software - Creative provides a complete experience with systems for its Environmental Audio Platform. Based on the new Sound Blaster Live! family of audio accelerators, Environmental Audio delivers a completely new way to experience games, music and entertainment on the desktop. Environmental Audio goes beyond 3D positional audio - sounds will appear to come from all corners of a room or space adding reverb, echo, and other effects consistent with the room acoustics, position of the player, source of the sound, and many other cues.

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