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Buy the Creative Outlier Gold + BT-W3 Bundle

Creative Outlier Gold + BT-W3 Bundle

Get your PS4 and Nintendo Switch compatible with Outlier Gold using this Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Transmitter.


Creative Outlier Gold


TWS Headphones — Now With Super X-Fi®!

With a battery life that surpasses even the Outlier Air, Creative Outlier Gold boasts an incredible 39 hours at 14 hours playtime per charge. It is also fitted with graphene driver diaphragm and Bluetooth® 5.0 with aptX and AAC audio for detailed, well-balanced audio reproduction. Experience a whole new level of immersion with spatialized Super X-Fi audio, activated by Software Super X-Fi®.











Super X-Fi

Award-winning Super X-Fi Technology

Now with Super X-Fi technology!

The Software Super X-Fi Processing Technology unlocks Super X-Fi headphone holography for local audio and music files* through Bluetooth. By activating the SXFI App wirelessly on your mobile with the Outlier Gold, you can transform the SXFI App into a Super X-Fi MP3 player and enjoy cinematic audio even while on the go!
Read more about this highly-raved technology and its numerous accolades.

The SXFI App can be downloaded from Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

Download the SXFI App on your mobile device.

Create your Super X-Fi profile via the SXFI App.

Connect the Outlier Gold to your mobile device via Bluetooth.

Enjoy your device's local music files through the SXFI App, now powered by Super X-Fi technology!

*Software Super X-Fi works on local music files downloaded onto your device, like an MP3 player; it does not support streaming content. Some downloaded content (e.g. Spotify) that are protected may work only on their respective applications.

To enjoy the full functions of Super X-Fi on all contents, check out our entire range of Super X-Fi products featuring the SXFI UltraDSP chip.



Boasting a jaw-dropping 14-hour playtime per charge, the Outlier Gold holds the longest single playtime without having to recharge every 3 to 6 hours like most TWS earbuds. Coupled with the accompanying charging case, Outlier Gold outperforms most competitors with an incredible total playtime of up to 39 hours. That's enough juice to power your errand runs or a long day of commute with music — which, by the way, is enough playtime for the longest flight route in the world (that's about 19 hours)!


Graphene Driver Diaphragm

To achieve audio excellence, we have incorporated a top-quality 5.6 mm graphene driver diaphragm — the world's thinnest and hardest nano-material that is lighter than paper, stronger than steel, and a better conductor of electricity than copper. The graphene diaphragm consumes minimal energy while providing superior audio quality, so Outlier Gold can optimize power to drive excellent audio reproduction for detailed highs, well-balanced mids, and immersive bass.

Stay motivated with the powerful beats and ride the momentum of your playlist as you take on the toughest gym grind!

1 The mentioned battery lives are based on moderate volume level. Actual battery life will vary with usage settings and environmental conditions.

Creative BT-W3


Enjoy wireless audio on your PS4™ or Nintendo Switch™ with BT-W3! Creative BT-W3 is a portable Bluetooth audio transmitter equipped with the latest Bluetooth version 5.0 and advanced audio codecs like aptX™ LL and aptX™ HD. With a simple plug-and-play functionality, you can easily enjoy high-quality Bluetooth audio with your PS4™, Nintendo Switch™, PC, or Mac.

Bluetooth 5.0

Latest Bluetooth version with extended range of up to 30m / 100 ft

aptX LL

Lag-free audio that is essential for an enjoyable gaming experience

Codec Selection

Indicator and selection button to effortlessly choose the suitable codec for your usage

Voice Chat

Analog microphone included to enable voice chat during multi-player games1

Multiple Device Support

USB C-to-A converter provided to enable usage across a wider range of devices

1 Works with devices with 4 pole 3.5 mm audio jack. Please note that voice chat for Nintendo Switch is title-dependent, and requires additional firmware to activate the analog microphone. Please refer to the FAQ section for more information.



Creative BT-W3 supports 4 different Bluetooth codecs—aptX LL, aptX HD, aptX, and SBC. Each of the codec has its own strengths and is suitable for different use cases: aptX LL is essential for a lag-free gaming experience, while aptX HD is ideal for music enjoyment. With the indicator light and codec selection button, you can easily tell which codec you're using and switch to the suitable codec for your usage effortlessly.

aptX Low Latency

aptX HD



Creative BT-W3 works with Bluetooth headphones or speakers, and the codecs available to you are dependent on what your headphones and speakers support—i.e. you need a pair of headphones that support aptX LL to use it with Creative BT-W3! If you're unsure of the codecs supported by your Bluetooth devices, you either check its manufacturer website, or check our FAQ section.

As long as your Bluetooth device support the corresponding codec, Creative BT-W3 will default to aptX LL first, with aptX HD next in priority, then aptX, and finally SBC.



Latency is a common problem with Bluetooth headphones due to the time required to decode audio. As a result, you may get out-of-sync audio while playing games or watching movies. With aptX Low Latency, you can say goodbye to that annoying lag! This audio codec is engineered to reduce latency to 30-40 milliseconds, which is practically indiscernible by humans. That is 4-6 times shorter than the amount of latency you get with the default SBC codec! Connect your aptX LL compatible headphones to Creative BT-W3 to enjoy seamless transmissions and real-time audio synchronization, without any sacrifice in audio quality!



Designed with convenience as the main goal, the setup for Creative BT-W3 can't be any easier.

Here's how to do it:


Plug the Creative BT-W3 into PS4 / Nintendo Switch / PC / Mac.


Press Bluetooth button for 2 seconds until the indicator light flashes blue to indicate pairing mode. Go into pairing mode on your Bluetooth audio playback device as well.


Wait for your device to connect with Creative BT-W3.

And you're done. In fact, you can skip step 2 the next time you want to use Creative BT-W3 with the same pair of headphones.

For devices with USB-A port, we've bundled a USB Type C-to-A converter to use with Creative BT-W3. Simply connect Creative BT-W3 to the converter first before plugging it into your device, and that's it. Then, you can follow the simple 3-step process above and you're done. Easy, huh.



Creative have what is, arguably, by far the best wireless earbuds on the market when it comes to value for money and the features within the buds. With an unparalleled battery length, high-quality audio - with the additional feature of Super X-Fi implemented via software - and no issues at all with the volume.


Creative Outlier Gold + BT-W3 Bundle


Tech Radar

The Creative Outlier Golds offer best-in-class battery life and excellent sound quality for the price. You’ll have to spend much more to get better sound and even more expensive competitors can’t touch their battery life. These headphones offer a ton of value for money and we can easily recommend them.

4.5 / 5

Creative Outlier Gold + BT-W3 Bundle



The Outlier Gold’s offer rich detail across the remaining frequency range, however. With decent tone and clarity in the mids and highs, the Creative buds offer audio fidelity either for casual gaming or music.


Creative Outlier Gold + BT-W3 Bundle


Customer Reviews


After 3 days of usage, here are my thoughts/opinions regarding the Creative Outlier Gold. Pros: - Aesthetically pleasing - Sound quality is extremely amazing for a pair of wireless earbuds even without SUPER X-FI enabled. - No worries about your battery running low or having to charge constantly - Fits comfortably in ear and no discomfort even after long hours usage - Price is also inexpensive Cons: - Wish the SUPER X-FI works with other apps like Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud etc. as that would be a bonus feature and not being restricted to in-app/device playlist - Buttons are quite hard to press therefore causing discomfort to the ear upon pressing which i prefer to just use my connected device to Play/Pause my music Overall a great pair of earbuds which i would give a 5 Star but it has its cons hence a 4 Star it is. But highly recommended to those searching for a quality build of earbuds. *This review is base on my own thoughts/opinions and experience therefore it may be different from what you may think.

L. Chung

This pair of headphones arrived after much anticipation and did not disappoint. Clarity is good and bass is tight, the mids and highs are prominent enough, impressive for true wireless earbuds. The music has body compared to more expensive wireless earbuds(Samsung Galaxy buds) which sound thin. Sound: impressive. Will they replace a 4 driver wired headphone? NO. However, they serve another purpose, when we are running, or listening to music on the office while connected to the phone incase we receive a call, or when we need to go out sans the inconvenience of having wires dangling around us. With my Bluetooth 5 handphone, I was able to get to office without any drops in connection. The only interference is when at a traffic stop and a bus or truck passes by. Other than that, crossing the street, taking the train or bus and walking around the office and past the server room did not cause any connection issues or drops. Just make sure your music device is BT 5, my BT 3 MP3 player had constant connection issues(due to BT3's technological limitations). Connection: great. I could wear the headphones for around 2~3 hours. After that, my ears started to feel fatigued, and that's why I am deducting one point. Comfort: good Overall, stellar earbuds and I recommend with high confidence.


Very value for money.

A Closer Look

Package Contents

  • Creative Outlier Gold
    • 1 x Creative Outlier Gold
    • 2 x Pairs of (S) and (M) Ear Tips
    • 1 x USB-C Charging Case
    • 1 x USB Type-C Charging Cable
    • 1 x Quick Start Guide
    • 1 x Compliance Leaflet
    • 1 x Warranty Leaflet
  • Creative BT-W3
    • 1 x Creative BT-W3
    • 1 x USB C-to-A Converter
    • 1 x Analog Microphone
    • Quick Start Leaflet
    • WW Warranty Leaflets

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