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About Creative


2001 - 2005

September 2005

Creative launched TravelDock™, an innovative new line of portable docking speaker systems for MP3 players with the introduction of the Creative TravelDock ZEN Micro for ZEN Micro and ZEN MicroPhoto and the TravelDock 900.

Creative announced the latest addition to its popular line of portable TravelSound® speakers with the introduction of the TravelSound 400. Featuring a sleek new look and a unique 180-degree swivel design, the TravelSound 400 is specifically designed to give mobile music lovers remarkable audio quality from their MP3 players.

August 2005

Creative was awarded an U.S. patent for its invention of the user interface for portable media players. The patent, referred to as the "ZEN" Patent, covers the user interface that enables users of portable media players to efficiently and intuitively navigate among and select tracks on the players.

The Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi received:

  • A 10 out of 10 rating from IGN.com
  • The "Editor's Choice" award from PC Magazine
  • The "Editor's Choice" award from PC Gamer magazine
  • The "Editor's Choice" award from GamePro magazine
  • The "Editor's Choice" award from Computer Games magazine
  • The "Kick Ass" award from Maximum PC magazine

The Creative ZEN VISION received:

  • The "Best of Show" award for the "Best Portable Gear" category at the DigitalLife consumer show
  • The "Editor's Choice" award from Laptop magazine
  • The "S&V Approved" award from Sound & Vision magazine
  • An "Excellent" rating from CNET.com
Creative announced a major breakthrough in webcam design with the introduction of the Creative WebCam Live! Motion. Featuring MaxView™, a combination of motorised Pan-n-Tilt and a ViewPlus™ 76-degree wide-angle lens, in addition to Smart Face Tracking, the WebCam Live! Motion quietly and smoothly follows user movements during video instant messaging.

January 2005

For the third consecutive year, Creative won the "Best of CES" award for the audio and visual product category at the annual Consumer Electronics Show 2005 in Las Vegas with its latest ZEN MicroPhoto MP3 player.

January 2004

For a second time, Creative won the "Best of CES" Award for the audio and visual product category at the annual Consumer Electronics Show 2004 in Las Vegas with the highly innovative product, the Zen Portable Media Centre. The innovative device, which is jointly developed by Creative and Microsoft, enables easy portability of digital music, video and images.

January 2003

Creative's innovative Prodikeys computer and music keyboard won the "Best of CES" Award for the home audio product category at the annual Consumer Electronics Show 2003 in Las Vegas.

January 2002

Introduced Sound Blaster® Extigy™, the first external Sound Blaster in Creative's history. The Sound Blaster Extigy delivers stunning 24-bit 96kHz multi-channel audio playback and 100dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) to the notebook or desktop via the Universal Serial Bus (USB) port. It was featured in the "Top Picks of CES" by CNET and ZDNET.

Creative announced its SB1394™ Certification Program, designed to ensure seamless operation of IEEE-1394 devices with Creative's Sound Blaster Audigy sound card family.

May 2002

Creative completed its acquisition of Nasdaq-listed 3Dlabs Inc., Ltd., the leading workstation graphics company that provides graphics accelerator solutions for professionals in Computer Aided Design (CAD), Digital Content Creation (DCC), and visual simulation markets.

September 2002

Creative's manufacturing plant in Malacca, Malaysia, Cubic Electronics Sdn Bhd, was officially opened by Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir. It is Creative's largest manufacturing facility worldwide.

October 2002

Launched Nomad® Jukebox Zen™, the powerful and stylish MP3 player that can store up to 8,000 songs, and yet fit into the pocket. With a gigantic 20 GB capacity hard drive, it can double up as a portable storage device for storing photos, text, videos and other data files.

December 2002

Creative Technology Ltd was ranked second after Singapore Airlines in the Review 200 annual survey on Asia's Leading Companies (Singapore) conducted by the Far Eastern Economic Review. It is the fourth consecutive year that the company garnered the coveted award. It scored high marks in the categories 'high quality services/products, long term vision, innovative in responding to customer needs, and companies that others try to emulate.'

January 2001

Creative shipped the 100,000th unit of the NOMAD Jukebox digital audio player since its initial shipment in late summer. The full month of PC Data sales reports, from November 2000, reveals that the NOMAD Jukebox was embraced by holiday shoppers, ranking first in that month for overall revenue generated in the digital audio player category.

August 2001

Creative expanded into the digital camera market by the introduction of the PC-CAM 300, which features an advanced CCD image sensor.

Launched Sound Blaster® Audigy™, a new benchmark for PC audio with audio clarity comparable to professional audio systems and surpassing many high-end home stereo solutions with exceptional realism in audio playback. Sound Blaster Audigy delivers EAX® ADVANCED HD™, enabling high definition Multi-Environments and powering advanced 3D audio imaging, and the Audigy processor, which boasts four times the effects processing power of Creative's famed EMU10K1™ processor.

October 2001

Creative debuted the Inspire Speaker series that bring the audiophile listening experience to the PC. The sleek design offers different speaker configurations and includes Inspire 2.1 Slim 2600 system, featuring a slender new look complimenting flat-panel monitors; the Inspire 4.1 4400 system; the Inspire 2.1 2400 speakers and the flagship Inspire 5.1 Digital 5700 series, a complete 5.1 entertainment speaker system.

December 2001

Creative unveiled the PC-CAM 600 in Asia that can take photos at up to 1.3 Megapixels (1280x960). With a genuine XGA CCD sensor, 16MB of memory and an intelligent flash, the PC-CAM 600 boasts the combined features of a portable digital camera, a PC webcam as well as an audio video recorder.

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