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Buy the PlayChinese Basic Pack

PlayChinese Basic Pack


Master Chinese the fun way with PlayChinese™

Eliminate your fear of mastering the Chinese language with PlayChinese™, a breakthrough pedagogy system invented by the CEO of Creative himself, Sim Wong Hoo. Revolutionizing traditional concepts of "learning", PlayChinese promises you a stress-free and fun-filled time developing your proficiency in the language. Master Chinese through Motivation, FUN and MAGIC. Backed by an arsenal of over 25 years of technology and content from Creative, PlayChinese offers you a whole variety of play-tools and supplements.

At its most basic, a PlayChinese package comprises the ZiiO Shenbi tablet pre-installed with several handwriting applications and a Shenbi app that comes complete with pronunciations, stroke animations and dictionary assistance. Also included are colorful, ergonomic MagicPens to help hone your writing of Chinese characters in a fun and tedious-free way.

PlayChinese is also supplemented with 14 hardcopy "Magical" books, online educational iflashbooks, Wawayaya interactive content, a PlayChinese education network for children and HansVision Express. With a ZiiBoook account, you can also enjoy up to one million ZiiBoooks for free!

Get PlayChinese for your kids today. PlayChinese packages are to be collected personally at The CREATIVE Store (Headquarters).

Basic Pack
ZiiO Shenbi 8GB
  • Android handwriting-enabled tablet comes with Sim's revolutionary PlayChinese Pedagogy System and a host of pre-installed 'magical' applications.
4 Fanciful Colour MagicPens
PlayChinese Shenbi Application
  • Write 2525 Chinese characters with Uncle Whoo's 12 cute Zodiac animals.
  • Complete with pronunciations, stroke animals and dictionary.

3 Magicware (On ZiiO Shenbi)

  • Magic Notepad - 神笔记 - new paradigm in writing Chinese
  • Magic Fortune Telling - 神算
  • Magic Wheel - 魔轮 - foretell the destinies of 12 Zodiac animals on a giant Celestial Wheel of Destiny

PlayChinese Magic Cards

  • Impress your friends with your seeming ability to read/interpret cards!
  • Recognize Chinese characters and master the pronunciation of Chinese Cheng Yu.

A Closer Look

System Requirements

ZiiO Shenbi Requirements 

  • Microsoft® Windows® XP (Service Pack 2)/XP 64-bit, Windows Vista®, Windows 7®
  • USB port


1-year Limited Hardware Warranty


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